“Big Russ & Me” By Tim Russet

A wonderfully sensitive and insightful read.

Every adult, male particularly, should read this book. Tim writes about the people that most impacted his life, but particularly his father. Big Russ, a World War II veteran, was a garbage collector with a minimum education who, along with Tim’s mom, raised a family in middle class South Buffalo, N.Y. Yet, Big Russ’s sage advice was a road map for Tim’s adolescence and even his career. Tim also learned to appreciate the sacrifices (two jobs) that his father made for him and his siblings.

Big Russ had never in his life purchased a new car. When Tim became financially secure, he decided that he would buy his dad a new car and suggested a Lexus or Mercedes. When Tim arrived in Buffalo for a car deal, Big Russ was having no part of it. He insisted on a Ford. He did not want his neighbors and buddies at the American Legion to think that he had developed a big head because he was the father of now famous person.

As Tim Russet celebrates the connection between fathers and sons, readers will laugh and identify with the lessons of life taught by Big Russ.

– By Lee Blakemore

“Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right”

By Ann Coulter

A 2002 best seller, “Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right” attacks political and social liberalism with a vengeance. This extremely well-documented work is assembled well enough to qualify for a master’s thesis and, whether in search of entertainment or enlightenment, this liberal piquant delivers something for everyone regardless of which side of the spectrum you call “home.” As we might expect, Coulter attacks left-wing America head-on and she throws down the literary gauntlet by offering an impressive bibliography to support the main piece of work. Her incomparable wit helps to soften some of the blows as she pummels the left-wing mentality. This book should be on the list for required reading for any political science course.

– By George Hicks

“Misdeameanor Man”

By Dylan Shaffer

It is not very often that I get excited about a new author, but I really enjoyed the first novel written by Dylan Shaffer. It is about a deputy public defender who, despite himself, becomes intrigued by one of his cases. That deputy public defender’s true alliance resides with his part in a band that plays a tribute to Barry Manilow’s songs (Barry is his idol). There are other side stories which are equally amusing and, at times, touching. In my opinion, “Misdemeanor Man” is quirky and fresh and very entertaining. I can’t wait for his second novel, due out in May and cleverly titled “I Right the Wrongs.”

– By Dee Murphy

“We the Media: Grassroots Journalism by the People,

for the People”

By Dan Gilmore O’Reilly

The Main Stream Media has lost its monopoly and that is the central theme of “We the Media.” Gilmore describes how the Internet gives citizens with an interest in writing the means to challenge existing media outlets.

Since the Internet is an interactive media, news “becomes more of conversation, than a lecture,” writes Gilmore. Once a story is posted, readers can instantly challenge story details, provide analysis, or add new information. With more minds focused on an issue, the analysis becomes more insightful, more in-depth, and in many cases closer to the truth.

This is a recommended read if you are a writer with a yen to publish your thoughts or challenge old world media. Gilmore provides a Web site directory, glossary, extensive notes and an index. More details can be found at http://wethemedia.oreilly.com/. If you buy a copy, updates can be found at the same site.

– By Russ Steele

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