Listen to the complete Doolittle-Brown debate |

Listen to the complete Doolittle-Brown debate

Congressman John Doolittle and his challenger for the seat in the 4th Congressional District, Charlie Brown, squared off in a heated debate on Oct. 12, 2006.

The debate took place behind closed doors in Rocklin at the the studios of Starstream Communications and was broadcast live to Starstream’s 20,000 cable subscribers.

Starstream’s news director Jerry Lyons moderated the debate. The panelists included Mike Rafferty of the Mountain Democrat; Deric Rothe of Gold Country Media; and David Whitney of the Sacramento Bee.

Listen to the debate in its entirety by clicking on the audio files on the right side of the page. (An audio player will pop up automatically. Please wait for files to download if they do not play immediately.)

The following file descriptions correspond to the list of audio files on the right side of this page.

Helpful hint: If the file does not play after ten seconds, click on the “direct link” button.

File 1: What should the U.S. do about North Korea? (Rothe)

Followup question: Does the U.S. have any allies in this changing world? (Lyons)

File 2: Is the close race for the 4th Congressional Distrct seat good for democracy? (Whitney)

Followup question: What could you do to bring disenchanted voters to come to your political party? (Lyons)

File 3: What can you do in Congress to reduce the time spent appealing the harvesting of dead timber in the burned out forest? (Rafferty)

Followup question: Which of California’s environmental initiatives do you think should be nationalized? (Lyons)

File 4: How was going to war in Iraq an effective response to the 9/11 attacks? (Rothe)

Followup question: Has the United Nations been a help or a hindrance to the war on terror? (Lyons)

File 5: What kind of legislation do you support that will deal with the 12 to 15 million illegal immigrants in the country now? (Whitney)

Followup question: Have Canada and Mexico done enough to help us with border safety and patrols? (Lyons)

File 6: What can you do to bring tax dollars back into the 4th district to fund infrastructure projects? (Rafferty)

Followup question: What changes would you advocate in California state government that would make your life easier on Capitol Hill? (Lyons)

File 7: (to Brown) Your membership in the American Civil Liberties Union has become a campaign issue. Can you explain why you’re a member and support the work of the ACLU? (Rothe)

File 8: (to Doolittle) There’s been some concern about what you knew and when you knew it as regards to the Marianas. When you toured the Marianas, who led the tour and did you have reason to believe you were being shown the worst working conditions? (Rothe)

File 9: (to Doolittle) You’ve been attacking Brown for membership in the ACLU, implying guilt by association. Why shouldn’t the same standards apply to your relationship with Jack Abramoff or Brent Wilkes? (Whitney)

File 10: (to Brown) You’ve said you want to be on the House Intelligence Committee. If you’re elected, how will you bring money into the district? (Whitney)

File 11: (to Doolittle) Did any investigators below the level of congressmen look into the situation on the Mariana Islands? (Rafferty)

File 12: (to Brown) How come you didn’t make colonel when you were in the air force? (Rafferty)

File 13: (to Doolittle) How does your belief in the bible’s Armageddon prophecies effect your voting on U.S. Middle East foreign policy? (Rothe)

File 14: (to Brown) Considering you have virtually no experience, why do you think you’d make an effective congressman? (Rothe)

File 15: (to Brown) Are you an anti-war candidate? (Whitney)

File 16: (to Brown) You say on your Web site that you support universal health care. Is that the “Hillary health plan” all over again? (Rafferty)

File 17: (audience questions for both candidates)

Which congressman would you support for Speaker of the House?

What is your position on making English the official language in the U.S.?

Are you satisfied with citizenship requirements for legal immigrants?

Do the courts have a good track record in insuring the separation of church and state?

File 18: Brown’s summary

File 19: Doolittle’s summary

Special thanks to Starstream Studios for the audio feed.

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