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‘Liberals responsible for energy problem’

For 30 years liberal environmentalists have warned us about rising sea levels from global warming. Glacier ice and Arctic ice melt and nothing happens. On http://www.petition.org, you can view the 31,072 American scientists (9,021 with Ph.D.s), who renounce the Kyoto Protocol and verify that greenhouse gases have no effect on the Earth’s temperature or climate.

Polar bears have been added to the Endangered Species Act list. There are 25,00 bears in the Arctic, up from 8,000 50 years ago. The main purpose of global warming and the Endangered Species Act is to enable the liberal environmentalists to pass laws that will cripple our economy, destroy our private property rights and to control every facet of our lives.

Gasoline is over $4.50 a gallon and moving toward $5. Oil on June 27 was $140 a barrel and heading toward $150. High energy prices are pushing up costs of everything we consume. Inflation is on the loose and steals our money.

Liberals are responsible for our energy problem and many other problems. We need to drill in current off-limit areas, build refineries and build atomic energy electric generating plants.

Before the last election, consumer confidence was high, energy was reasonable, unemployment was low and the stock market was soaring. Since voting in a liberal Congress, consumer confidence is down, energy costs are soaring, unemployment is rising and real estate values have sunk. This is the kind of change we get when we vote for do-nothing liberals.

Thomas Crosswhite

Grass Valley

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