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Letters to the Editor

Phil Meyer — Unsung Hero
Phil works behind the scenes to make things happen at Lake Wildwood. He was at work before 7 a.m. on Saturday, July 25, helping set up art easels for the Annual Meeting. He worked tirelessly and with good humor, assisting everyone who needed help, and he was still there after I left at 3:30 p.m.
Without Phil, the Annual Meeting would not have been nearly as successful. A heartfelt thank you from all of us at the Wildwood Art and Photo Club.
Cathy Diamond
Jayhawk Dr.

Thank You
I would like to thank the community of Lake Wildwood for showing such interest in the Ronald McDonald Pop tab (pull tab) program.
Information on the program was shown at the beverage counters at the Annual Meeting.
Many people actually pulled the tabs off their drinks and dropped them into the container at the counter, and many told us that they would start saving them at home and turn them in.
Containers are located at the Administration Office, Community Center, Golf Pro Shop and the tent (bar) at the golf course.
Actually one family had been saving them and brought in a full one gallon Ziploc bag.
This is a very easy way to teach children about philanthropy. What a great ongoing project this will be for Lake Wildwood.
Thank you!
Jerry Biagini, Chair
Community Relations Committee

My Choice
I really enjoy reading the letters to the Editor in TWI. Sometimes I agree, sometimes not. That’s my Choice.
I do, however, have something to say about dogs being in the parks.
I respect dogs and their owners…I hope they will respect me.
You see, I have been bitten by “friendly dogs” several times over the years. Therefore, I’m rather afraid to be around them….even if they are on a leash!
My take on dogs in the parks is…yes, they will be on a leash, but I have observed some of those leashes are several yards long thus out of the immediate control of the owner/handler.
Why is it, they all like to sniff me and want to make friends? It makes me uncomfortable.
Also, dogs like to bark at birds; children playing and other dogs. That noise, I don’t appreciate.
Oh yes, I DO love to hear the children playing, control parties, etc…let’s keep it that way.
As for owners picking up after their dogs, We all know they don’t always do that.

N. Voshell
Lake Wildwood

No Guns!?
Why would anyone buy into a gated community that does not have proper security?
This was the first reason for our buying here.
At one time they sent around a questionnaire asking what the most important reason was for buying here; this included the golf course, tennis courts, parks, natural beauty…? First was Security.
We now have guards (not all guards carry guns) that are professionals from previous law enforcement experience and weapons-trained.
In this age with the drug houses, domestic violence, malicious property damage and wild animals, armed security is needed.
Several years ago, we had a rabid skunk circling around our yard and the neighbor’s yard in the middle of the day.
A call to Security resulted in instructions to stay inside the house and “officers would arrive shortly.”
Waiting for law enforcement from Grass Valley was not an option. Security arrived, dispatched the animal, bagged it and removed it from the neighborhood. We were so grateful!
You could save much more money on other expenses, such as the 45-minute fireworks display over the lake on July 4.
There are perfectly good fireworks up the hill at the fairgrounds.
How about the extra square footage added to the Clubhouse? It was never voted on by us.
What about the cost of sending out separate ballots on the motorcycle issue and the dogs in the parks? Why two ballots?
I’m sure there are several places in the budget where saving money is possible without jeopardizing our security!
Lois Van Etten
Lake Wildwood

Security in Lake Wildwood?
Do not turn your head, some things in Lake Wildwood are changing very fast. Residents have always considered security the number one concern in Lake Wildwood.
At the last Board of Directors meeting, it was pretty clear the Board has decided to outsource our security. They did decide to disarm security of its “lethal weapons.”
The agenda item was to approve the recommendations of a Public Safety Subcommittee. That does not in itself mean that the BOD intended to vote on implementing those recommendations.
Why the quick reaction to those recommendations?
I have an open mind about the issue and wonder what the rest of the community has to say about the subject.
Why was there no town hall meeting to present both sides of the issue and hear the community speak on the subject before the recommendation to outsource and disarm was adopted by the BOD?
Now that these changes are in place, I see a town hall meeting will be scheduled to let residents know what to expect. By that time it will be too late for the community to be heard.
First, residents need to be aware of what the changes will be before they are in place. What level of service do the residents of Lake Wildwood expect from Security?
Enforcing the vehicle code, dealing with barking dogs, loud parties and such are one thing. More serious issues call for a greater level of response.
How many sheriff deputies are on patrol in Nevada County at any one time? What is their response time to Lake Wildwood? What if they are on another call? Their response could be very slow, if they come at all.
Do residents expect unarmed security personnel to enter into an unknown situation that also could put the security personnel in jeopardy? More than likely unarmed security personnel will wait for the deputy to arrive.
It would be informative for everyone to know what criteria was used to make these decisions before we have to live with them.
What has upset me most is not the change but the lack of communication and community involvement in the process of making such a change that has the potential to affect the entire community.
The Public Safety Subcommittee and the BOD may have analyzed the criteria for this decision but the community has not.
Let us hope it was not just a monetary decision, as we face rising cost estimates for our new clubhouse.
Ed Kirkley
Forest Park Circle

Disarm Lake Wildwood Security?
Paul Towne wrote an excellent letter (TWI News, July 17, 2015, page 6) on this subject and about the capabilities of current Lake Wildwood Security personal.
I too am disturbed by the recommendation to “Eliminate lethal weapons” from Lake Wildwood Security.
Potentially violent situations can and will arise even here; when that happens, do we want to be dependent on help from Nevada City or Grass Valley?
While the politically correct idea of becoming a “Gun Free Zone” may appeal to some, remember that one person’s “Gun Free Zone” is another person’s “Safe to Fire Zone.”
Tom Ford
Chaparral Circle

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