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Letter misses mark

Letter-writer Dave Yaksick’s attack on Reinette Senum was classic conservative name calling, ridicule and sarcasm.

Apparently, he has no idea of or doesn’t care about the positive effects that an individual such as Reinette can make on a community.

That Mr. Yaksick equates Reinette’s promotion of local economy and energy efficiency to being “anti-capitalist” is hard to understand unless what he refers to as “capitalism” is having to rely on mega-corporations for all of our needs. He should not feel threatened by the concepts of conservation of resources, self-reliance, self-sacrifice or the nobler cause.

He should feel threatened by the reliance on the corporate energy industry to use their “bright people” to respond to any demands of the 21st century. This will not happen until such changes serve their corporate needs. That’s just the way it is in the corporate world.

A wise man from China once said, “Dig the well before you are thirsty.” With the human thirst for oil growing exponentially and our reliance on long distance shipping for most items in our stores, doesn’t it really make good, practical, American can do sense to cut down on wasted energy and rely on our local economy?

Robert Wolaver

Grass Valley

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