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Let’s go Swimmin’

Photo provided by Joey Mitchell ProductionsNatural Design Pools of Auburn have been in business since 1986. They design and create natural swimming pool environments using carved shotcrete, a harder form of concrete.
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Children are amphibious. They are as comfortable in water as on land. A swimming pool (and maybe a pony) is usually at the top of their “wood make life perfect” list. A backyard pool brings the family together in an activity that everyone enjoys, and it’s a great way to entice your teenagers and their friends to “hang out” at home (so you know what they’re up to). A pool in the backyard can also make you popular grandparents. Local pool companies can build everything from the ultimate in natural beauty to simple, affordable pools that can fit most homeowners’ budgets.

Imagine your own “swimmin’ hole” in the backyard. How about a waterfall that can be seen and heard from your bedroom windows?

Natural Design Pools of Auburn have been in business since 1986.

They design and create natural swimming pool environments using carved shotcrete, a harder form of concrete. They also utilize fiber optic lighting for special effects and accents. These pools are usually no deeper than six feet and come complete with a sandy, shallow entry beach, waterslide or wet bar. They are designed to fit into your natural landscape and look as if they’ve always been there ” a little paradise in your own backyard.

Viking Pools of Sacramento has been in business since 1975. They install in-ground pools in 48 different sizes and five colors. These pre-formed pools are made of fiberglass and are coated with a smooth Teflon-like material to make the cleaning process much easier. Viking offers complete installation from excavation, plumbing, electrical and concrete decking. Fiberglass pools have a very high “R” rating, helping to keep the cost of heating low.

Pools are a convenient way to exercise. Exercising in water is considered low-impact and easier on older joints. Viking specializes in smaller pools called water gyms. These pools take up very little space and use jets with a pump so that a person can swim against a constant current.

One might assume that pools can only be installed on flat land, but that is not necessarily the case. Grade issues are more complex but definitely still doable. Above ground pools are also easier to install on a slope.

Families on a budget might consider the option of an above ground pool. They are an affordable way of adding a pool to your family’s entertainment. For the “do it yourselfers” a pool can be installed in your backyard for about $3000. All Seasons Pools and Spas in Grass Valley have been selling Doughboy Pools since 1986.

Homeowners can choose from round, oval, or rectangular shapes that can fit into just about any space available. Doughboys are energy efficient. They are heated by a solar cover. Many people also install an attractive deck around these pools to create a family area for sun bathing, entertaining and watching the kids. Another benefit of above ground pools is they are not permanent and can be taken apart and re-assembled in a new location.

Pools enhance the beauty of any landscape design and bring the calming element of water to your home. Swimming pools are one of the best equity building investments”in some cases 100% add back value. Besides that, you never have to worry about being popular with the neighbors. Your friends will always want to visit.

Natural Design Swimming Holes & Water Falls

530-823-5164 – 1360 Grass Valley Highway, Auburn, CA

All Seasons Pools & Spas

530-477-2220 – 135 W. McKnight Way, Grass Valley, CA

Viking Pools – 916-569-4180 – 3961 Pell Cir., Sacramento, CA

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