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Lake Committee

Although our vendor Clean Lakes has done a terrific job getting ahead of our weed growth, this has not been as aggressive a weed season as we had anticipated.
Our levels of phosphorous (P) in the lake have been markedly lower than previous years, and P is the engine for both weeds and algae.
We can only hypothesize that the reason is perhaps the input from Deer Creek was minimized by the low rain totals and hence did not deposit the P load we generally receive. Deer Creek is our major source of runoff in the winter months.
Late August and early September historically are our toughest and most stressful periods, and it will be interesting to see how this evolves.
Clean Lakes treated for pondweed on July 14 in our usual suspect areas, but we are starting to see a resurgence just below the surface in some areas. These areas will be addressed and treated.
Although this may not technically be in the charter of the Lake Committee, it is worth a mention. We are not a Lake Tahoe! We are a small lake with a limited shoreline that takes a real beating from our day to day recreational activity.
The shoreline and seawalls are the responsibility of each lake front owner, but there are also boating rules that apply.
Excessive wakes are prohibited, as are any artificial devices used to enhance wakes. Also “wake boarding without a towline” is prohibited. That includes the sport of wake surfing without a tow line.
After sunset, speeds must be reduced to 10 mph, skiing and wake boarding must cease and running lights are required.
These rules are violated on a consistent basis during the summer season.
Sunset does not come with a text message attached and the sun going over the horizon is not visible from the lake. To aid our fellow boaters in determining sunset, a blue light has been mounted on a pole by the marina and comes on at sunset and lasts for approximately one half hour.
This has not been publicized much and probably a certain number of boaters still wonder what it is for. It’s a great idea and a pretty fool-proof way to signal the arrival of sunset.

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