Labor Day? A celebration for the rich and greedy |

Labor Day? A celebration for the rich and greedy

Retired now, I remember Labor Day parades down Market Street in San Francisco. I started to view them at age 8 in 1950. Later, I participated as a member of Teamsters Local 85.

These parades had at the head, starting with the S.F. mayor, followed by thousands of labor groups and military and school bands, mixed between the labor groups.

Starting with the S.F. police and firefighters. Then military veterans and military reserve groups and ROTC. Now following would be labor groups and unions demonstrating labor pride.

Teamster locals, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, clerks, cabbies, Muni bus drivers, Muni cable car operators, Muni public workers, many more, longshoremen and seamen, also.

The watching crowd at curbside applauded non-stop, but, no longer.

A past U.S. president, when campaigning for political office, was expounding the fact that he was elected five times the leader of the union labor group – the Actors Guild.

When the flight controllers went on strike for safer working conditions, due to stress and anxiety while working, this president, this hypocritical president, fired this labor union.

Since then the act of firing a labor group began. This also elitist bohemian member, U.S. president, along with GOP politicians and lobbyists, have ruined millions of now and future U.S. workers’ lives and hopes. The greedy few get richer!

Thomas T. Susoeff Sr.

Penn Valley

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