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Kudos Animal Wellness Center

In July 2007, our barn cat, Fuzzy, was diagnosed with Feline Infectious Anemia. Our regular vet sent us down to Loomis Basin, where she was admitted to the ICU with an PCV level of 9 percent (normal is 25 percent). A blood transfusion, bone marrow biopsy, and countless days of antibiotics and IV fluid later – Fuzzy Kitty was released to us with a PCV level of 17 percent.

We returned to our regular vet for countless check ups and blood draws, but the antibiotics and prednisone pills weren’t working. We tried three other types of medicine – nothing worked and Fuzzy was getting worse. Our regular vet pretty much told me to take her home and let her pass away peacefully. I wasn’t ready to accept that, and I didn’t feel like Fuzzy was done fighting. I made a frantic call to Dr. Rena (our treasured goat and llama vet) and she told me to call Dr. Peggy at Sierra Animal Wellness Center ASAP. I did – and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I took Fuzzy up to see her that Monday. Dr. Peggy did some acupuncture on Fuzzy, put her back on antibiotics and added some Chinese herbs. It took a few ups and downs but Dr. Peggy never gave up on Fuzzy. I think Fuzzy made Dr. Peggy nervous a few times – but she never stopped trying.

Today, Fuzzy kitty is back to her normal self and is only taking the herbs. There is no doubt in my mind, or anyone else’s, that Dr. Peggy saved Fuzzy’s life. Dr. Peggy has been a true blessing to our pets lives and I don’t think I can ever thank her or the staff at the center enough!

Lisa Norman

Grass Valley

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