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Julie Valin, Nevada City

What is your current job title? I am an unemployed marketing communications specialist, new mom and expert grocery shopper.

Describe in a sentence or two your art: I write poetry that has somehow nudged me into the After Hours Poetry movement, but with my own sensual and girly twist. I am also co-founder and co-publisher of a small poetry press: Six Ft. Swells.

How long have you been working in this discipline? Since I was a silly, boy-crazy teenager.

Why do you do it? Because it is the introvert and gypsy parts of me, and both need room to express themselves.

What do you hope to accomplish? I want to write poetry that affects people and connects me to the world. I want my poetry to be profound, yet simple, much like Bukowski’s work, only without all the booze and late-night visitors.

Do you create your art with an exact message and if yes, what is that message? I don’t intentionally write to convey a message because my poetry comes from snippets of my life. I believe messages belong in speeches, and I get awfully impatient when I run across them in poems.

Where do you want to be with your art? I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as a wealthy poet. But I feel my poetry is incorporated into everything I do in some form and is an asset in both my career and private lives.

What kind of special training did you take? I was a teenage girl in love with a new boy every week! In college I was quite bored with those old British poets, but once I discovered that poetry can be frank and relatable, it became a studied passion.

What’s your favorite part of your endeavors? I love the social aspect: our chapbook release parties and live readings with other poet friends.

What’s your least favorite part of your endeavors? The business part of sending my poems out for publication.

How many hours a day or week do you spend on your work? I have found that my most prolific writing times are when I’m newly in love or newly dumped. Since I am married to my soulmate and have a new baby, life is happy. Therefore, my writing life is suffering horribly.

Do you consider it hard work and could anyone do it? Anyone can sit at home, writing poetry, but only when they take it out in the world and receive a positive reaction can they be called a poet.

Any other comments? I will be one of the featured readers at “Listening to the Wild” in April. I also just released our fourth chapbook with Six Ft. Swells Press – “Lost Valentines” – which includes a few of my poems. Check out http://www.myspace.com/sixftswells.


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