Intuition and insight Intuitive energy is dynamic, creative and spiritual |

Intuition and insight Intuitive energy is dynamic, creative and spiritual

This week, Suzie Daggett interviews Lynn Goodman of Grace Works, a transpersonal psychotherapist, spiritual counselor and intuitive.

What was your first understanding of the unknown?

I have always had an intuitive understanding of myself and my environment. As an only child of artistic, older parents, I spent a lot of time alone in imaginal realms. I lived in the country and communed with plants, trees, creatures, and the earth. This was my safe world, a direct intuitive life with nature.

How did psychology become part of your life?

I have always been curious about what goes on underneath the surface of things, about the nature of life, and why we do what we do. As an undergraduate I studied literature and religion which deal with this. I taught college and high school English, then moved into my passion, ceramic art. After a time as a successful ceramic artist and teacher, I returned to school and completed my master’s degree in transpersonal psychology. Graduate school helped synthesize and integrate my life experiences; my psycho-spiritual life expanded and deepened. It became clear I was to work with people in new ways. Today, in my therapy practice, I use my intuition as a way of listening, of seeing, and attuning to a client’s essence. Together we discern what is being called forth for growth, healing, and/or spiritual development.

Why did you start to pay attention to the mystical?

When my mother was in the process of dying, and I was going through a difficult time in my life, I had a visionary experience of a spiritual presence that filled the room. As I was making the bed, the torso and head of a female figure appeared encircled in golden light about 10 feet away from me. Extraordinary love and light emanated from her and filled the room. I was awestruck and overwhelmed. Then I became afraid and ran out of the room. Instinctively, I knew I was in psycho-spiritual crisis and found a psychologist/pastor who became my therapist and spiritual guide. He reassured me I was not crazy; he helped me understand, ground, and integrate my mystical experiences.

How did you get involved in intuition?

When I moved to Grass Valley in 1981, I wanted to learn more about psychic/intuitive phenomena. I was led to Faith Havard, founder of The Church of the Essence, (a small group of ministers who taught classes in psychic/spiritual development). She was a member of the Episcopal Church I was attending, which made the connection and the work safe for me. I completed the training and was ordained in 1985. Shortly after that, I began teaching intuition classes and offered individual consultations. Faith was a wise mentor and a good friend to me until she died.

What is intuition?

Intuition is one of our basic human functions, a sense. It includes but is not limited to our sixth sense. To intuit something means to sense something; it is a subtle sensing. To be intuitive literally means to be “sensitive.” It is a felt sense, which may or may not be accompanied by thought, imagery, sound, or sensation.

How does one find a guide/teacher?

First, one needs to want a guide or teacher to help navigate the territory of the intuitive dimension. When the intent or desire for guidance is clear, one is often led to the right teacher. It is important to find someone who understands mystical states and is comfortable working with shadow material as this is often part of the process. There may be scary places, but in the right relationship and/or community, it is a loving and deeply intimate journey.

What do you get out of your work?

For me, “work” is a creative expression of who I am, and it is whatever I am guided or inspired to do. I am always graced by the experience of companioning another, no matter how challenging that may be. The “work” always “works” in me to expand my creative and intuitive gifts.


Lynn Goodman can be reached at 530-273-6766.

Suzie Daggett is the host of Healing Insights on FCAT, Channel 11 and the publisher of INSIGHT, a directory of the healing arts practitioners,, she can be reached at 265-9255.

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