Industrial buildings coming to Greenhorn Road |

Industrial buildings coming to Greenhorn Road

Construction machines have been scattered on the raised Greenhorn Road land, sitting under a hot sun.

Thursday saw workers milling around the area, plowing land and carrying heavy materials. The Grenon & Sons Construction employees are in the process of constructing five one-story industrial buildings, and enclosing a canal underground.

That’s according to Jeff Davenport, who owns the 12836 Greenhorn Road plot, and operates 12828 Greenhorn Road, which is owned by his uncle Douglas McCown and his wife Susan M. McCown, according to county records.

On 12836 Greenhorn Road, a permit is under full review to build “Blair Industrial Park,” which includes five industrial buildings. The spaces have not been rented or sold yet, said Davenport, who is optimistic about finding future renters for the light industrial buildings, according to county zoning.

“If you build it, they will come,” he said.

The two plots of land were previously used as a lumber yard, said Shirley Williams, a neighbor to the construction project across the street on Tim Burr Lane. Williams said she wasn’t notified of the construction plans before they began.

Davenport said he can’t build on the plot closest to Brunswick Road — 12828 Greenhorn Road, according to county records. Rather, Davenport said he is moving the old canal that runs through the property, and maintaining it underground. Davenport added that nothing is allowed to be constructed atop an enclosed canal.

Davenport, who hopes to finish the project by the fall, said the process of receiving permits in Nevada County to develop and build on available land is difficult due to the elongated time it adds to a project and associated expenses.

“People have no idea,” he said.

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