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If miners follow permit process, let them mine

If a company or property owner owns the mineral rights, then they have all the right under the law to access those minerals. However, there are processes and permits that they must comply with before they begin any mining.

The local historian that commented that mining in the Red Dog and You Bet area has not been legal since the late 19th century, is wrong.

On Jan. 7, 1884, the Sawyer decision was signed and that put an end to most hydraulic mining. Only certain methods of mining were banned. Hydraulic mines could operate if the mine owners constructed tailing dams or other methods to prevent the debris from dumping into the rivers. Ever visit Englebright Dam? It was constructed in 1941 for the primary purpose of trapping sediment from anticipated hydraulic mining operations in the Yuba River watershed. Hard rock and placer mining are still quite legal in the state of California. There are modern methods that use a trommel to scrub the gold-bearing gravels.

It is highly unlikely that the Whites will be hydraulic mining their property. If they comply with the permit process, then let them mine. Same goes for the Idaho Maryland Mine project!

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