How to maintain or regain full functionality at any age |

How to maintain or regain full functionality at any age

No one gets through life without injuries and trauma, minor and major. Medicine and science have made great inroads in helping us heal from injuries and trauma, but recovering full functionality is not as successful.

For instance, only 10 percent of people who have had a stroke recover full functionality. Science shows that after healing the body does not recover all pre-trauma functionality. It is a mystery to science why the brain does not naturally know how to recover functionality once it is lost. Incidentally, this is the case for any animal with a brain.

The way we approach recovery today is to focus on regaining movement and strength of the injured part. Movements not associated with a function is not congruent with the way the brain works. Your brain is unable to refine a movement sequence such as lifting a leg if it is not associated with a function like walking up stairs.

It helps to understand a bit about how the brain works to get a better idea of how we learn to function. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology has given science a birds-eye view into the brain and it now says the brain is a neural network that rewires itself as it learns and refines functionality throughout its life. Magnetic resonance images show all information enters the brain through the senses and movement activates the senses.

Science recently discovered the brain creates neural maps of all movements. The neural maps are organized by your brain into relationships that coincide with whatever functionality you are learning or refining. For example, to perform the function of lifting a glass of water to drink consists of countless movements. The countless movements that make up a function mean your brain is processing millions of bits of data in any given moment. Science shows the powerful two-thirds of your brain that processes all incoming data from your senses sends a tiny fraction (about 16 – 40 bits) of that data to the other one-third – your consciousness – in any given moment. Be my guest if you think you can consciously relearn any function by figuring out what movements and muscles should be used. So how does the brain work to help you learn and refine functionality?

Your brain lets you know what to change by what you feel as you perform a function. And what can you feel? Stiff, fatigue, sore, discomfort, pain, numb, and more. When you feel muscles your brain is telling you they are being misused or overused. Your brain wants you to refine functionality by eliminating all that you feel until you feel nothing. When you feel nothing, yet a function is effortless and has a full range of motion, it is optimal.

Since no one can be shown how to move, what must we do to naturally re-learn compromised functionality? We knew how to learn to function optimally at one time in our lives – when we were born. By observing how babies learn initially, I discovered five elements are the critical underpinnings to learning and refining functionality.

The NeuroElements approach shows how to integrate the five essential elements into all you do which results in naturally learning and refining functionality the way you did when you were born. Any function such as walking, bending over, reaching, washing dishes, brushing your teeth can be used as the vehicle to integrate the five elements. The beauty of the NeuroElements approach is that you don’t have to stop whatever you are doing to practice.

Injury, trauma, and the modern perception of the body as separate from the mind is why we lose connection with the five elements. The NeuroElements approach shows you how to reconnect your mind and body to function in the seamless, effortless synchrony you had as a young child. You can transform your life to reach your full potential because, with the plasticity of your constantly learning brain, it is never too late.

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