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Homicide victim ‘loved life,’ friend says

Things would start to improve for Rabecca Mershon, and then life would knock her back, a friend said.

Mershon — who along with David Dominguez, 39, was fatally shot late Monday — had been homeless. Amy Rudolph said she met Mershon, 25, about two years ago when both of them were on the street.

“She and I shared a lot of hard times together,” Rudolph said.

Mershon, called “Blaze,” would help Rudolph with her “slumps,” and Rudolph said she’d assist Mershon financially and emotionally. Rudolph, who at one point worked the late shift at a local restaurant, said she’d let Mershon sleep in her car during her shifts.

“She would just call me if she needed encouragement or prayer,” Rudolph said.

Mershon had a large personality, Rudolph said. She’d have wild ideas, like visiting a large store and wandering the aisles wearing oversized underwear. Rudolph called her friend full of life and brightness.

Mershon was engaged to Dominguez, and Rudolph said she visited his parents’ Loomis home about two months ago. She knew Mershon and Dominguez were searching for a home, but didn’t realize they were in Grass Valley.

Mershon had moved in with Dominguez, getting her off the streets. She had two children, Rudolph said.

“I was really trying to help her find a job,” she added. “She loved life, but she also had some deep-rooted pain, too.”

Rudolph remembered talking to Mershon about life, and about wanting to escape homelessness, when she visited her in Loomis.

Mershon had a terrier dog named Flea. Rudolph remembered Mershon had Flea the first time they met.

Mershon also brought Flea once when Rudolph invited her to church. However, Mershon went to the wrong church and someone ran over her dog’s head. Flea survived.

“Life would just knock her back down,” Rudolph said. “I don’t know the type of picture I’m painting of her, but I loved her very much.”

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