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Hits & Misses: Sunday’s return to days of yore with no cell reception a miss

The Union staff

Each week we’ll run through the sublime, the trivial and profound issues, decisions and goings on that strike readers, staff and editorial board members as Hits or Misses. You can join in, too, by emailing your Hits & Misses to EditBoard@TheUnion.com.

MISS (from reader George Carter): Jim Adams’ notes on Bill Walton (Feb. 17) as ESPN aired the Warriors game. Yes, “Big Mouth Bill” said all those things, but he seems to have missed the game going on in front of him. Walton, along with two co-conspirators sitting beside him, failed to comment on play after play after play. Reminds me of the old saw attributed to Rodney Dangerfield: “I went to a fight the other night, and a hockey game broke out.”

MISS (from Editorial Board member Jo Ann Rebane): To Sunday’s return to the olden days with no landline phone, no mobile phone and no internet service.

HIT (from Rebane): To the current production at Off Broadstreet, “Who the hell is Holly Miller?” which rocks the house with live music, great songs, fanciful story and staggering effects.

HIT (from Rebane): To the Nevada County Republican Women Federated who hosted all three Republican candidates for governor and an overflow crowd at their regular monthly meeting Tuesday.

MISS (from Editorial Board member Terry McAteer): To a return to the cold of winter with little, if any, precipitation. Where is the rain?

HIT (from McAteer): To the many high school participants in the Nevada County Poetry Out Loud competition. It’s nice to know that poetic prose is alive and well in our school community.

HIT (from Editorial Board member Dick Tracy): To the wonderful spring-like weather we’ve had this winter.

MISS (from Tracy): To the shortage of rainfall in our unseasonal spring-like weather this winter.

HIT (from Editorial Board member Susan Rogers): To party animals in Nevada City and beyond who don’t let rain and cold stop the party.

MISS (from Susan Rogers): To another change in Nevada City police chiefs. For such a small town, wouldn’t it be more efficient (and probably more cost effective) to contract with the county for law enforcement?

MISS (from Editorial Board member Rick Nolle): To Christopher’s Deli closing. Another long-term Grass Valley staple going away. Nice people, good food, big loss.

HIT (from Editorial Board member Liam Lambert): To the brave students in both Lakeland and across the country (including right here in Nevada County) who are standing up for themselves, speaking truth to power and refusing to be swept aside as the latest in a somewhat stunning cavalcade of tragedy, organizing marches and walkouts in protest of a system that has been far too broken for far too long. This is how change gets made, this gives me hope for the future.

MISS (from Lambert): To NID’s somewhat nonsensical decision to not rescind their application for Centennial Dam after getting a zero rating from the California Water Commission. This is somewhat akin to someone getting fired and responding “Fair enough, see you Monday.” The application was grossly miswritten. Why continue to stand behind it? The state funds they’re angling for carry with them all sorts of strings and conditions that are not going to help or serve anybody.

HIT (from Editorial Board member Shanti Emerson): To the gender-bending glitzy Caravan of Glam at Miners Foundry last Friday night.

MISS (from Emerson): To our Board of Supervisors not tackling commercial grows.

HIT (from Editorial Board member Mac Young): To Sierra Academy of Expeditionary Learning (SAEL) signing a lease on the Nevada City Elementary building. Example of a community win-win; excellent secondary educational program upgrades their facilities by occupying unused school space.

MISS (from Young): To “dangerous dog owners.” If you own an ill-tempered dog that attacks other animals and/or people, time to invest in a dog run. Or face the consequences.

HIT (from Young): To Tahoe native Jamie Anderson for taking the gold medal in women’s snowboard slopestyle.

MISS (from Young): To the Board of Supervisors for approving additional funds for the Voter’s Choice Act.

HIT (from Editorial Board member Paul Matson): To Grass Valley City Council for waiting to see what happens in Nevada City before approving cannabis operations.

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