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Healing journeys: How the power of music can help to make you healthier

Is there a special place in your heart and your life for sacred, inspirational music? Do you attend concerts or put on music that brings you relaxation, comfort or healing? Molly Frink, the creator of Sacred Music Events has been producing Sacred, Healing & World Music Events since 2002 along with her husband, Steve Rigney. Molly’s story is one of healing for herself, the community and even further. She sparkles when she talks about her work and the benefits music has had in her life.

What event triggered your interest in music as a healing power?

Music has always been a part of my life, starting with the big Army bands and parades when I was a child living in Germany and the Presidio in San Francisco. As a former Catholic I was forced to attend mass and the only saving grace for me was the beautiful choir or folk music that I heard, and the cute altar boys. As a dancer (leading to a bachelor’s degree in Performing Arts) in my late teens and early 20s, I learned the power of music to move people, and affect their moods. During and after college I worked for Bill Graham Presents in San Francisco and rock ‘n’ roll became my church, my co-workers my spiritual community, and Bill Graham our leader! I learned how music could entertain. After becoming an acupressurist in 1995, it seemed logical to incorporate music into my sessions as the healing became deeper and more transcending.

I attended the World Music Festival in Grass Valley in 2002 and heard a band led by Dya Singh and had the inspiration to create a festival and music concerts with the express purpose of focusing on music for healing, devotion and sacredness. All of these experiences contributed to my interest in music as a healing power. The most powerful aspect of music is its ability to bring people together, sustain our cultures and entertain, and that in itself, is healing.

You have had many health challenges – how has the work you do help?

Music, in itself, can be healing. In order to stay present with chronic illness life has given me (rheumatoid arthritis and others), I have given up many things including: being a dancer, my job in rock ‘n’ roll, working with children, walking long distances, etc. Sacred Music Events has given me a unique way to combine all of my training in the arts, medicine and music and bring some inspiring people to our area, for healing, joy and fun. I get to know the artists as people as well as performers and have built many lasting relationships and made many friends. Sometimes chronic illness can be a lonely pastime, and being of service this way keeps me “out in the world” and accepting of the body I have.

What do people receive from the concerts you produce?

The comments we receive from the audience range from “beautiful” to “uplifting” to “the best dance music” to “I felt bad when I came and now I feel great”! And “where do you find these artists?” People receive the best quality of music, most unique artists and great sound, in an ambiance created especially for each performer. Sacred Music Events strives to bring experienced artists as well as new artists. We were the first to bring Snatam Kaur, Christof Linhuber, Jai Uttal and the Pagan Love Orchestra, Mirabai and the Georges Lammam Ensemble.

We also offer events with crystal singing bowls, Kirtan and upbeat Arabic and World music. Presently we are working on hosting a woman (and her nine piece band from Iran – may take some doing!) who is the most extraordinary drummer I’ve seen.

Our audience is so appreciative of the uniqueness and quality of the artists we promote. They can relax, meditate, dance or sing along. We have produced concerts in San Francisco, Marin, Sacramento, Auburn and of course Grass Valley and Nevada City. We often have snacks too! Coming soon are Jennifer Berezan, Jaya Lakshmi and Michael Stillwater.

How do music and your work inspire you?

Music and my work inspire me because it is a language understood by all people. When a song is sung in Arabic, it doesn’t matter that we don’t understand the words, we can feel it. When a piece is played on a hand made instrument we are carried to another dimension or we stay grounded or we get up and move our bodies and sway and sway.

Music needs no explanation, no realization, no examination, no experience to listen to. It melts us and changes us. Live music is special and brings a different element than recorded music, one that connects the artist with the audience.

This inspires me because you can have 100 people listening to the same piece of music and you will get 100 different experiences from that piece of music. What else do we have that can transport us to other realms and make us cry, dance and laugh?

Molly Frink and SACRED MUSIC EVENTS presents Jennifer Berezan, The Ecstasy of Sound Workshop Saturday Nov. 4, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Concert, 7 p.m. at AHmbiance 884 Lincoln Way (#30, upstairs), Auburn. http://www.sacredmusicevents.com; 530-613-1865.


Suzie Daggett is the publisher of the INSIGHT Directory of Healing Arts Practitioners; she can be reached at 530-265-9255 or http://www.insightdirectory.com.

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