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Healing Journeys Fair is a good chance to do some research

Are you interested in learning more about the benefits of complementary, integrative or alternative medicine to assist in your health and wellness? The 17th Annual Mind Body Spirit Health Fair on March 4-5 at Miners Foundry (a benefit for the Cultural Center) is one place to investigate new ways of healing. Stephen Barr has an acupuncture and Oriental medicine practice, Drs. Carolyn and Gregory Weisswasser are licensed naturopaths and Dr. Peter Zeischegg, is a board certified chiropractic neurologist. They will be at the Fair, offering information about their modalities and speaking on health issues. I asked them to answer the following question:

How is your practice different from traditional medicine?

Stephen Barr, licensed acupuncturist

Most of us have a sense that our issues and symptoms are part of a larger pattern in our lives. Sometimes we need more information or a different perspective.

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine can be very helpful in understanding and treating our whole being: attitudes, emotions and physical problems.

For thousands of years, Asians have developed ways of healing and strengthening a person’s “Three Treasures”: the Jing or constitutional strength, the Qi or vital energy and the Shen or consciousness. Besides acupuncture and acupressure, these methods include herbs, diet, Qi gong (energy development and movement) and other approaches to balance and coordinate all aspects of a person.

The goal is not only physical health and longevity, but also inner harmony and equanimity.

If someone comes with chronic migraines at the temples or top of the head, the “Liver Official” might be involved. Oriental Medicine associates the “Liver” with not only its organ, but also the smooth flow of energy and emotions, especially anger.

As a practitioner, I would see if there were something affecting the “Liver” on the physical level (alcoholism in the family tree, food allergies or effects of medications), the emotional level (long-standing anger, stored verbal or emotional abuse) or on the mental and spiritual levels (frustration with career path or sense of purpose).

Using energy pulse diagnosis, examination of the tongue, intuitive listening and muscle testing of organs, energy centers and allergies, I would help the person understand what is causing their headaches and remove the blockages or imbalances preventing their healing. When the root of the problem is eradicated, healing happens from the inside out and not only do symptoms dissipate, but, the person experiences a fullness of well-being.

Stephen Barr, Licensed Acupuncturist with a practice in Grass Valley and Tahoe. (530) 477-7794

Dr. Z, chiropractor

A female patient said to me recently: “What I appreciate about you – you allow me to be accountable.” That alone makes a big difference for almost everyone. We are excited about the tremendous results we get with many problem cases that other systems are not able to help. That is because we do many things differently in our clinic. We have put together a system of care – without drugs and surgery – that has created a breakthrough. There are seven components:

1. We realign the spine with precise chiropractic adjustments to release vital life force nerve energy, so that your body can heal itself from within. 2. We prescribe simple but powerful exercises – if indicated – to balance and improve the functioning of your brain – which governs ALL aspects of your human expression. 3. We teach you how to make essential changes in your diet so that your body can repair itself, and your brain and nervous system can function on all cylinders all of the time. 4. We test for indicators of possible food allergies and blood sugar imbalance. 5. We work to detoxify and balance body chemistry with time tested homeopathic remedies that your body needs. 6. We also prescribe the exact nutritional supplements that your body is craving. 7. We include a powerful system of releasing extremely damaging emotional stress and tension, damaging not only to the subconscious mind, the heart and the soul of a person, but damaging to the body as well, using a dynamic muscle testing system called Neuro Emotional Technique or N.E.T. We work with your health problems on not just one level only, but on seven levels simultaneously. This makes for a tremendous difference in results.

Dr. Z, Peter Zeischegg, board certified chiropractic neurologist, (530) 265-0224, http://www.drz.org

Drs. Carolyn & Gregory Weiswasser, naturopaths

A licensed naturopathic doctor is a family doctor who specializes in natural medicine. We treat a broad range of conditions from chronic diseases like Crohn’s disease and arthritis to acute conditions like tendonitis, colds and flu. Similarly to a traditional medical doctor, we take a history, do physical exams, order lab tests and imaging when necessary and make medical diagnoses. We also do preventative healthcare including screening for cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and women’s annual exams. There are a number of important differences that a patient will find when they visit a naturopathic doctor. They will typically spend more time with the doctor. The first appointment is over one hour long so the doctor can develop a holistic understanding of the patient.

Patients are encouraged to share their story so that we can gain an understanding of each individual’s needs, personality, immediate concerns, goals, medical history, relationships, environmental exposures, diet and more. This information provides a broad understanding of each patient allowing prescription of medicines that support and assist the body in its effort to be well. Secondly, our assessment of a patient’s health often includes their nutritional status, toxicity levels, allergies, hormone balance and enzymes function.

Lastly, our treatment plans are developed to suit each patient individually. Since we are treating the individual rather than the disease, no two treatment plans are exactly alike. Our treatment plans might include food or supplement recommendations, botanical prescriptions and/or homeopathic remedies. Dr. Gregory Weisswasser also uses manual therapies such as craniosacral therapy, visceral manipulation and physiotherapies. What attracts patients to our practice is the personal and comprehensive nature of our care. We have strong relationships with our patients, they know who we are and they know that they are getting the best care available.

Drs. Carolyn and Gregory Weisswasser, Whitewater Naturopathic Medicine,(530) 271-7123 http://www.whitewaternaturopathic.com


Suzie Daggett is the publisher of the INSIGHT Directory of Healing Arts Practitioners; (530) 265-9255, http://www.insightdirectory.com. For information on the Health Fair, go to minersfoundry.org, or call 530-265-5040.

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