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Healing Journeys: Dreams can help spiritual growth

Do you have spiritual questions that seem so big and broad you really do not know where to start to find the answer? Spiritual seekers have a keen interest in finding answers to the meaning of life including “why am I here?” and “how can I heal?” You may find what you are looking for from Nanci Shanderá, Ph.D, director of EarthSpirit Center, who is an intuitive, spiritual counselor and teacher with a passion for dream work and assisting people in remembering their soul’s purpose.

What started you on your journey as a spiritual teacher?

Starting when I was 7 years old, I began collecting books on dreams and the works of Sigmund Freud. My mother helped me with this, and since I come from a long line of sensitives including my mom, sister, and grandmother, this was not considered odd. The dream work I started then is the foundation of everything I do today. Although I began working with dreams at an early age, I owe the fine-tuning of my gifts to my teacher, Brugh Joy, M.D. I believe dreams are the voice of the soul. My dreams and visions led me to start EarthSpirit Center in Los Angeles in 1995, and later, to move to Nevada City.

How does spirit talk to you?

In many ways, including clairvoyant vision, clairaudience – I hear things between the lines – and clairsentience – a sort of ‘gut’ feeling. When I get that feeling, I take time to pay attention and hear the wisdom or knowledge that spirit is providing me. I have had many life challenges, yet I have always known the experience is for my soul’s growth. The challenges are like a spiritual heart surgery, where I know I have the choice to be a victim or to grow spiritually. My choice has always been to grow, and this helps my abilities and gifts in working with people.

What is the work you offer students?

When I am working with individuals, no matter what the issue is, we start exploring the soul’s voice through their dreams. The work I do is based on multi-level messages in dreams.

Even in the most mundane dreams, there are several levels of information, guidance, facts, and knowledge. If someone is dealing with a physical issue, for instance, they will get information from the dream in which their body is talking to them. They may also get spiritual guidance, or psychological balancing from other levels.

Once I have taught a student how to work with their dreams, they will begin to understand the symbols that are unique to them. The student becomes the shaman of their life, able to work in multiple realities as one integrated reality. Dream work can take us into that pattern where the veil between the worlds begins to dissolve.

When we have an experience in ordinary reality, such as a relationship problem, we can extract the multiplicity of messages from that problem in the same way in which we work with dreams. Students are amazed as they begin to see how they can change their lives through the principles of dream work. They experience full spectrum awareness rather than the narrow perception they had before integrating the dream guidance.

What does EarthSpirit Center offer?

EarthSpirit Center offers monthly Gatherings on the first Sunday of each month at the Veteran’s Hall in Nevada City. The Gatherings is a place to explore inner spirituality through lectures, guided imagery, dream work and a healing circle. In addition, the Center is a modern Mystery School, based on the classic idea of stretching boundaries and helping students transform beliefs that limit their spiritual and emotional freedom. Mystery School is not a religion, rather, it teaches ancient and modern tools to change inner and outer realities. One of the core teachings in Mystery School is Alchemy and the seven stages that awaken students to multiple levels of consciousness, from ego-based perceptions to the highest degree of awareness of soul.

What is your soul purpose?

My highest calling is to be in conjunction with my soul aspect as I teach; to experience that sacred marriage between my earth self and my higher self. As the ancient alchemists taught, “As above, so below.”

Dr. Nanci Shanderá, director of EarthSpirit Center, will be speaking at the Mind Body Spirit Health Fair on Saturday, March 4 at 1:30 p.m. Her talk will be a Q-A session on Your Spiritual Growth. Come prepared to ask questions about your progress, dreams, and experiences. She will also be offering mini-dream readings at the Fair, March 4 and 5 from 10-5 at Miners Foundry, 325 Spring St. Nevada City. You can reach her at http://www.earthspiritcenter.com/ or 530-265-9097.


Suzie Daggett is the publisher of the INSIGHT Directory of Healing Arts Practitioners; 530-265-9255, http://www.insightdirectory.com/ Look for the Seventh Edition of INSIGHT, now available at many local outlets.

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