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Healing Journeys: Acupuncture may relieve your allergies

Have allergies made your life miserable? Do you sneeze, itch, have runny eyes and wonder how did this happen, you were never allergic to anything before? The pollen in the air is perhaps one culprit, although seasonal changes can also change your physical body bringing you an array of symptoms that are distressing. What to do? You can try Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Yes, this 2,000 year-old practice can actually relieve symptoms and change your physiology so you may never suffer allergies again! You may want to investigate the benefits of acupuncture if you are sneezing as you read the following:

Nina Allen

Acupuncture and Chinese herbs, used alone or together, can be very effective treatment for seasonal allergies without negative side effects. In mild cases, a few treatments can take care of the problem. For very severe cases acupuncture and herbs can help, people cut down on their use of antihistamine or steroids and help counter the side effects of those drugs. Allergies can sometimes be cured altogether when the underlying Chinese Traditional Medical condition is corrected. Ideally, allergy sufferers should obtain a consultation and treatment before the beginning of the season to fortify them selves and prevent symptoms. When being treated by an acupuncturist each person receives an individual diagnosis and treatment based on their medical history, symptoms, and tongue and pulse diagnosis. We address lifestyle, diet and exercise as well. If you who have never experienced acupuncture you will be pleasantly surprised at how relaxing it is and how beneficial it is to your overall well-being.

Nina Allen, L.Ac., D.N.B.A.O., Allen &Cunningham, 530-273-0098

Jaime M. DeGuzman

The beauty of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is that a disorder is treated based on how it manifests itself in the body. This Pattern of Differentiation allows the practitioner to not only treat the symptoms or “branch,” but also to treat the cause or “root” of the problem. Allergies are no exception to this, and if the diagnosis is right, TCM is very effective treating allergies. The treatment is even more potent when acupuncture is combined with the correct herbal remedy. Although there are cases when allergies are due to an Excess Pattern, typically the root of the problem is a Deficiency Pattern. In TCM the Lungs govern the Protective Qi, creating a “shield” around the body. If the Lung Qi is weak, this shield is weakened and pathogens easily invade the body. The kidneys are equally as important as the lungs when it comes to allergies due to a Deficiency Pattern. The kidneys “grasp” the Qi being sent down by the lungs. If the kidneys are weak they can not receive the Qi. In a Deficiency Pattern, usually chronic allergies, the Qi of the lungs and kidneys should be boosted. The large intestine channel also plays an important role.

Jaime M. DeGuzman, L.Ac, MSTCM, Dip. O.M., (530) 265-9464

Sunshine Fowler

It is well known and documented that allergies, hay fever and sinus congestion respond well to Oriental medical treatments in both adults and children. In a study published in November 2004 Pediatrics, two test groups of children received either actual or random acupuncture two times per week, for eight weeks. Those who had real acupuncture had better allergy symptom scores and more symptom-free days during the study, and their positive results lasted an average of 10 weeks after the treatment series was over. Typically, allergy sufferers will turn to acupuncture after symptoms have already become disruptive and severe. In which case, it is common to have moderate to complete relief with each acupuncture treatment and for days thereafter, especially in combination with Chinese herbs. Ideally, known seasonal allergies are addressed several weeks to three months prior to onset of the allergy season for a drastic reduction of symptoms and at times a removal of the reaction to the allergens all together, so that a total “cure” is achieved. As for helpful practices at home, eliminating excess or all sugar, caffeine, and dairy from the diet, before and during allergen exposure, and staying amply hydrated, appears to be universally helpful. Whether it be seasonal or household allergies, sinusitis, chronic postnasal drip, or the tendency to catch colds and flus, Oriental medicine has effective and natural answers custom fit to each person and situation.

Dr. Sunshine Fowler DOM, L.Ac., (530) 277-6559

China Roberson

Traditional Oriental Medicine, commonly known as Acupuncture and Oriental Herbology, is an excellent remedy for the treatment of seasonal allergies, hay fever and sinus problems. By using classical Chinese methods, an individual diagnosis is made, and treatment can begin immediately. Seasonal allergies may be treated with a series of Acupuncture sessions, during the season, as well as recommended dietary and lifestyle changes. Oriental herbal formulas are prescribed and taken each day, to continue results and eliminate allergic responses. Some of the recommended dietary changes are: AVOID caffeine, alcohol, hot or spicy foods, shellfish, fried foods, dairy products, and all processed foods – white flours or sugars. These foods are eliminated or reduced because they create heat, wind and phlegm in the body, which aggravate the allergic response. Acupuncture can disperse heat and wind symptoms from the head, face, eyes, and nose, as well as address sinus drip, nasal congestion, scratchy throat, and cough. Chronic sinusitis can also be addressed with an expanded treatment series. Local organic honey, eaten through the year, is an excellent way to boost the immune system and prepare your body to be adaptive to spring and blossoming pollens, native to our area.

China Roberson, L.Ac., Diplomate of Oriental Herbology, 530-265-3763


Suzie Daggett is the publisher of the INSIGHT Directory of Healing Arts Practitioners; 530-265-9255, http://www.insightdirectory.com

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