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Healing Journeys

Sometimes you are introduced to a couple doing intense healing work for their clients while they live their life in total soul immersion with their own teachings and practice.

Such is the case with Maury and Gaia Lamb. They are passionate about people being optimally well so that they can personally evolve without limitation. Their center, Integral Life, offers Gaia’s body-centered healing methods combined with Maury’s heart-centered counseling to provide a mind-body-soul approach to life’s challenges and spiritual evolution.

Neurolink is the system of total wellness that Gaia provides while Maury assists clients with the Heart Tuner, the latest in bio-feedback technology, in order to fully integrate their hearts in the healing process.

Maury, how did you develop your methods of healing?

Healing opened to me 30 years ago. I was an atheist, probably in reaction to my fundamentalist upbringing, so the universe had to get my attention dramatically. Heal-ings would happen spontaneously around me sometimes through specific intention. This healing quality evolved into working with the beliefs, patterns and programs that underlie disease and mental-emotional problems.

I integrate skills and techniques such as biofeedback, hypnotherapy, NLP and Quantum Psychology as well as my experience as a yogic practitioner of Integral Yoga. My training allows me to guide people through the maze of the mind to discover the soul: This has been my method of healing. Because of this broad background, I assist clients in achieving personal excellence as well as being a guide through life’s major difficulties. Remark-able healing and transformation occur when one aligns to this Inner Truth.

How does Integral Life assist clients?

Every part of our program is designed to take healing deep into the core of whatever issue clients bring: Physical, mental or emotional. Neurolink, for example, does not treat symptoms but rather addresses the underlying cause. Recently, following a woman’s second Neurolink session she had an appointment with her physician to have her blood pressure medications checked.

With her blood pressure now closer to normal, she no longer needed one of the two medications he had prescribed. Frequently when new clients come to Maury for counseling, they are surprised to discover that even though they have spent years of therapy, the “core” of the problem remained untouched. Even though the word psychology comes from the root psyche, which means soul, psychotherapy typically denies that there is a soul.

The core of our psychology is the soul, and, through working through the heart, Maury guides clients to their soul. In western cultures, a split between the heart and the mind is typical. This is quite apparent when one visits countries like India where this is not the case.

The Heart Turner is a useful tool for learning to reconnect heart and mind. This creates both a healing of the internal split and a launching pad for further development.

Maury – explain the Heart Tuner and your Guide work:

In my work, I serve as a mentor for those seeking excellence; in relationships, leadership, athletic performance, creative expression and spiritual development. As a Guide, I assist clients through life’s major roadblocks – pain, illness, and traumatic events. I guide clients through the maze of the mind to the truth that exists at that moment. Healing occurs when the inner Truth aligns with the mental emotional being.

We call this “The Work.” The Heart Tuner is a computerized biofeedback program which shows the music of the heart and opens the door to heart coherence. Heart Coherence holds the secret to mental clarity, physical health and heart-oriented relationships.

When coherent, the biological heart harmonizes the autonomic nervous system to create peace within. Simply observing your own heart harmonics expands consciousness. It is fascinating to observe the response of the heart to important questions. In counseling we use the Heart Tuner to identify issues that are calling for greater clarity and to confirm when that issue is resolved.

Gaia – what is Neurolink and, how does it benefit clients?

Neurolink tests and corrects lack of function of every system of the body including digestion, hormones, the autonomic nervous system, all organs, glands and muscles. This system was created by New Zealand physician Dr. Allen Phillips. I was in one of his first training’s in the United States in 1998 and study with him every year.

The system is a remarkable new paradigm of healing that optimizes health and offers help for chronic illness and chronic pain. Neurolink re-establishes one’s holographic template through the neurological integration of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Then the brain itself, with the practitioner’s hands-on assistance will match every cell, membrane, organ and gland to that template.

As part of the Neurolink protocol viruses are dealt with; if the brain discovers a virus, it will send out antibodies to destroy the virus because a virus is “not you” and therefore does not match your template. The same principle applies to bacterial infection and parasites. Hormones and neurotransmitters are brought into perfect balance through the brains’ ability to match your template, which you might call the truth of your mind/body. Structural problems are addressed in the same way.

Maury and Gaia Lamb can be reached at their office, Integral Life in Grass Valley, 530-477-1918. The HOW of the Now! is a new class Maury is teaching, starting on Saturday.


Suzie Daggett is the publisher of the INSIGHT Directory of Healing Arts Practitioners; 530-265-9255, http://www.insightdirectory.com

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