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Harps for healing: Workshop focuses on therapeutic harping

World renowned harp therapist Christina Tourin passed on some of her insight on therapeutic music Friday during a workshop at Peace Lutheran Church in Grass Valley.

While the event wasn’t exclusively a Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital harp therapy event, most of the participants were part of the workshop as cancer patients or caregivers from the hospital’s harp therapy group.

Tourin described what it’s like going into a hospital setting to play the harp to the attendees.

“When we go into a (neonatal intensive care unit) we listen to the beeping machines,” harpist Christina Tourin said to attendees. “Find the sound around you and harmonize with it.”

Nearly 40 harps of different shapes and sizes could be seen and heard during the workshop which preceded an evening concert.

“Music and healing is all over the world,” music therapist Lisa Stine said. “The harp is one of the main instruments because it is so pleasing.”

Stine is also a harp therapist, facilitates the harp therapy program at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital and helped organize the workshop with Tourin.

“Anyone who is a family member or caregiver are welcome to the support group, and they get a little harp,” Stine said.

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