Shirl Mendonca: Happy New Year! |

Shirl Mendonca: Happy New Year!

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John R. Hart | The Union

In looking back over the last 17 years of writing this column, what really stands out are the many silent heroes that reach out and volunteer in numerous ways in LWW and throughout the county.

They give of themselves looking for nothing in return but, in doing so, they make this a wonderful community for the rest of us. Last August, I was able to write about Paula Farrell, the 2017 LWW Citizen of the Year. At the time, there was not space to write about the six other nominees that quietly continue to make a difference day in and day out.

Bob and Linda Campbell have lived in LWW for 16 years and are active volunteers throughout the county.

Each year, they seem to take on more. For several years, they worked tirelessly on the Nevada County Toy Run improving the collection system, recruiting volunteers to help turn the “gift” hall into a Christmas Wonderland and to form a live “greeting line” for all the riders on arrival at the fairgrounds; they personally solicited a Santa and Mrs. Claus and lots of fully decorated “give away” Christmas trees to add to the event.

Bob and Linda also help the Deer Creek School with tutoring and with recruiting volunteer readers for the annual read-a-thon and volunteers for the third- and fourth-grade science night. They both donate their time with Interfaith Food Ministry and Linda is a teaching docent at Empire Mine and raises significant funds for the Breast Imaging Center.

Caryl Fairfull has lived in LWW with her husband Doug for 5 1/2 years. During the building of the LWW clubhouse, she served as secretary to the ad hoc clubhouse committee and kept a keen focus on savings and donations. She is also a volunteer with Interfaith Food Ministry and Sierra Roots program for the homeless.

Caryl has been a docent at Empire Mine for the last 10 years including 3 years as a board member. When not volunteering, she is active in LWW with the 9-hole women golfers, the TV club, and the Yacht Club. She is also active in the Gold Country Welcome Club.

Betty Feld has been a resident and active volunteer serving LWW since 1985. She served on the Community Relations Committee for 18 years and was chairman of the Social Committee for 4 years. Betty also organized the community wellness clinics and seminars and ran them for 10 years. Along with her husband Joe, they donated the flagpole outside the new clubhouse and also the flag that was presented to Joe in 2013 as a Pearl Harbor Survivor.

Steve Berry has lived in LWW with his wife, Janna, for 9 years. He served as vice chair of the ad hoc clubhouse committee for over 2 years and photographically documented the Oaks building project for the community; he took over 17,000 photos as well as taking photos of many other activities in LWW. He also served as Captain of the Men’s 9-hole golf group for 4 years.

Glenn Martin and his wife Chris moved to LWW 6 years ago. Glenn spends much of his time helping sick and disabled members of the LWW community. He visits them in the hospital and in their homes and helps them with needed tasks. He is also a Thursday morning regular who helps to keep Pleasant Valley Road and Highway 20 free of trash.

For fun, he helps organize the Roaming Angels annual car show to support our schools and is very active in the LWW Yacht Club where he has served as past Commodore and organized and ran the Corrugated Boat Regatta where he helps contestants to build their boats. He also led the repair and repainting of the yellow buoys in the lake.

It is obvious that all of these nominees love their communities and silently go about making a positive difference wherever they can. Thank you to each one of you.

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