Greg Moberly: Who watches this stuff? |

Greg Moberly: Who watches this stuff?

With mornings and early afternoons free before starting work, I find little worth watching on TV.

Oh, I’ll still flip through the channels and pause on something while reading the paper but there’s a vast wasteland of programming that’s unimaginative. It looks like it’s been that way for several years or longer now – but who’s counting?

I’ve infrequently watched “General Hospital” in the past, in the present, and probably will in the future.

But it doesn’t seem like much changes from day to day on the linchpin soap and I’ll bet it’s the same for other daytime soaps.

On the show, I wonder if anybody actually works. I see people who have plenty of time and money to sit and talk about their feelings and their love life. Oh please, shoot me now.

Give me more action or a little comedy mixed in with the drama. I don’t want to hear about these characters fleeting feelings for an entire hour.

Soaps are stale and fewer people watch them now, as the media has reported (on the watching part at least).

For me, “Port Charles,” a “General Hospital” spin-off was one of the most interesting things on daytime TV in years before the plug was pulled in 2003.

It was great. Who doesn’t like stories about vampires, good and evil and time travel? The stories were wrapped up (as much as possible on a soap) in 13-week story arcs and the show was only a half hour so there was less time sitting around and talking about feelings and baby daddies and baby mammas.

Hey, soap writers and producers, embrace the unusual fantasy and get out of the status quo which is basically lifestyles of the inexplicably rich and vaguely employed.

Speaking of the vaguely employed, did I ask who watches this stuff?

Do we really need more daytime court shows or is this designed to appeal to the vaguely employed person who sees themselves in a bitter neighbor or work dispute.

There’s “Judge David Young,” “Judge Alex,” “Judge Joe Brown,” “The People’s Court,” “Judge Judy,” “Judge Hatchett” and apparently I could go on.

I suppose a career criminal or someone who is chronically unemployed might like watching all the afternoon court shows but it’s just a block of stale programming to me.

Do some of the nurses, caregivers and police officers who work night shifts really want to watch this stuff during the day? I doubt it.

Then there’s “Jerry Springer” of course.

Yes, it panders to the lowest common denominator of our society. But like a bad car accident or a train wreck, people sometimes find it hard to look away.

If enough people hated it that much, it should have already been canceled for low ratings. That hasn’t happened.

At least Springer doesn’t act like he’s carrying on a serious intellectual show when a mom and a daughter end up fighting for the same man or whatever.

“Maury” (yes, Maury Povich) runs a show similar to Springer’s. Yet, he seemingly hasn’t drawn people’s attention as much as Springer for having absolutely awful shows with women trying to figure out who their child’s father is after the seventh or eighth paternity test. Do I need to mention the “Maury” shows guessing somebody’s gender? Yikes!

Give me more daytime game shows.

Anyway, I’ve had enough of this daytime TV. I need some exercise.


Greg Moberly is a copy editor for The Union. If he was on a soap, he would play a mysterious coma patient who strange people would pour their hearts out to. Three months later, when his character comes out of the coma, his role would be recast and given to some overactor. To contact Moberly, e-mail or call 477-4234.

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