Greg Moberly: Premium channels don’t give enough choice |

Greg Moberly: Premium channels don’t give enough choice

HBO is dead to me.

“The Sopranos” are gone and have been for nearly a year.

Dennis Miller’s show was scuttled from the premium channel several years ago and replaced with the vicious hater Bill Maher. Yeah, I said it. Do you really need examples of Maher’s hatred?

It appears to me that Bob Costas is on the channel sparingly. Also, the choices for movies are limited.

With all this in mind and an idea, maybe, to save some monthly expenses, I canceled the network late last year. It didn’t take me long to pick up Netflix after some snazzy introductory offer.

OK, the switch only meant an $8 a month savings. But it has transformed how I watch movies.

A little “Air Guitar Nation” while eating lunch or dinner and a little more of the hilarious little documentary while sorting through papers and writing checks and the movie is done.

I’ve watched 52 movies or documentaries since November. I even found time to work, sleep and exercise.

I get two films at a time and go through them almost weekly.

It’s about choice. HBO and the other premium channels, for all intents and purposes, have their own select films which they’ll rotate consistently.

If anything, the original programming of the premium channels would draw me back. Only Showtime has shows that sound interesting to me at this point with “Californication” and “Weeds.”

Yes, just like the big guy in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” said: ” ‘The Sopranos’ are over man. It’s time to find a new TV show.” Of course, he was telling the film’s main character to find a new girlfriend and not talking literally about “The Sopranos.” But, I digress.

Without being able to pick my own movies, I wouldn’t know how badly “The Number 23” sucked or how good Ellen Page was in “Hard Candy.” Just a hint, don’t gather the family around the TV to watch “Hard Candy.” It’s brutal folks.

“The Number 23” was an unusual case. I haven’t picked many bad films.

“Once” was a gem of a modern day musical, if I can call it that. “Michael Clayton” was good. “Murderball” was a touching documentary about the U.S. paraplegic rugby team.

I could go on and on.

Yeah, HBO is “six feet under” if you ask me.


Greg Moberly is a copy editor for The Union.

He suspects the mailman watches his Netflix movies before delivering them but has no proof.

E-mail Moberly at or call 477-4234.

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