Grass Valley police say message to Old Town Cafe, broken storefront window not connected |

Grass Valley police say message to Old Town Cafe, broken storefront window not connected

GVPD investigate Cafe’s second instance of vandalism

The Grass Valley Police Department is currently investigating a broken window, last seen intact on Dec. 5, belonging to Old Town Cafe in downtown Grass Valley.

The window was broken within 24 hours of Old Town Cafe’s owner reporting literature left on her truck, identified by investigating officers as a “handmade sticker,” Sgt. Clint Bates said.

Bates said the literature contained charged language, but said his department has not found a connection between the sticker and the broken window.

“She had received some type of literature on her car and the next day the window was broken,” Bates said. “There’s nothing to indicate that there was a hate crime.”

Bates said the note “rambled on” about “racist rednecks,” COVID-19, opiates and spelled “America” wrong.

The sticker, posted Dec. 4 by Old Town Cafe on its Facebook page, reads “God Bless Amerikkka.” As of Dec. 9, the post had 173 comments and 27 shares.

“The elements required to identify a hate crime according to our penal code are not there in the note,“ Bates said.

Old Town Cafe couldn’t be reached for comment.

Bates said one reason why the police department believes the literature and shattered window are unrelated is because there were other windows broken in the area around that time.

The other window broken on Dec. 5 was closer to the post office. A suspect was arrested for public intoxication minutes later and was in police custody at the time Old Town Cafe was vandalized, the sergeant said.

The shattered window is not the cafe owners’ first time dealing with vandalism this year. The Mill Street business had insults and curse words directed toward its owners and President Donald Trump scrawled in lipstick on its glass doors and windows in August.

The summer incident took place shortly after county officials said the cafe had its food permit revoked for violating state COVID-19 mandates.

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