Grass Valley police say man fled from officers, almost hit woman and child |

Grass Valley police say man fled from officers, almost hit woman and child

Grass Valley police say Wyatt Yoder was wanted by authorities when, spotted June 4 by a Nevada County sheriff’s deputy, he fled.

Yoder was accused in July 2018 of evading officers. He made bail on those accusations, but skipped a court hearing last month. That led authorities to issue an arrest warrant for him, Superior Court records state.

Then, around noon June 4, a deputy spotted Yoder in downtown Grass Valley. A chase began that at one point almost led to a woman and child being hit in a crosswalk, Grass Valley Police Sgt. Clint Bates said.

Police had called off the chase before that point, though Yoder continued driving recklessly, he added.

“He actually was going over 100 mph,” Assistant District Attorney Chris Walsh said. “At one point he went through downtown Grass Valley.”

According to Bates, Sacramento-area authorities arrested Yoder that day. Yuba County authorities said he was booked June 12 into their jail, and released that night.

Two days later local prosecutors filed charges against Yoder for the June 4 incident, and a warrant was issued for his arrest in that case, court records state. He remained free as of Thursday.

What happened

Both Nevada and Yuba counties wanted Yoder when he was arrested June 4 in Sacramento.

Yoder faced a warrant for missing his May court hearing here, records state. Yuba County wanted him for what’s called a flash hold, said Leslie Carbah, public information officer with the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department.

“He was cited for the Nevada County warrant while he was in Sacramento,” Carbah said.

The citation cleared the warrant, District Attorney Cliff Newell said. Yuba County authorities then brought him to their facility, where he served the remainder of a 10-day hold. Finishing that sentence on June 12, Yoder was released, Carbah said.

“When he came to us, he didn’t have the Nevada County warrant anymore,” she added.

Local prosecutors last week filed charges against Yoder for the June 4 chase — felony evading an officer. He faces an enhancement of being free on bail at the time, and two special allegations: having been previously convicted of a felony and being ineligible for probation because of prior convictions.

Yoder faces a maximum of almost seven years in prison if convicted on all charges, Walsh said.

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