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Grass Valley pilot safely lands 757 after one engine quits.

An American Airlines flight from Hawaii – carrying 147 people, including seven crewmembers – landed safely on one engine at Los Angeles International Airport early Monday after Grass Valley pilot Thomas “Juan” Browne reported engine trouble.

Airline spokesman Matt Miller in Dallas said instruments on Flight 246 showed trouble with the left engine about an hour before its scheduled arrival and the engine was shut down. He says the aircraft is designed to fly safely on one engine.

In an e-mail to The Union, Browne said it was his first engine failure in 13 years of flying with American Airlines, although he “had plenty in the (United States Air Force).”

“This was on the all-nighter this morning coming back from Kona, Hawaii about an hour and a half from LAX (0330 hrs),” Browne wrote. “The left engine failed abruptly at cruise of 38,000 (feet). We suspect the low pressure engine driven fuel pump failed.”

Browne said an emergency was declared, and the plane was taken down to descended to 25,000 feet, where they “ran the procedures, briefed the rest of the crew, notified the pax (passengers) of a ‘minor mechanical problem with the left engine’ and yours truly flew a flawless single engine (Instrument Landing System) into LAX with crummy weather – 500 feet broken/mist.”

The Boeing 757 jetliner landed at 5:19 a.m. from Kona and passengers got off at the terminal gate.

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Ian Gregor says FAA inspectors will work with the airline to determine the cause of the problem and ensure it is fixed before the plane is returned to service.

– The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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