Grass Valley man rams ex-wife’s car, chases her across town |

Grass Valley man rams ex-wife’s car, chases her across town

Raphael Michael Mijares

The Grass Valley man rammed his ex-wife’s car, and then tried to hit it again, and again, and again.

Raphael Michael Mijares, 48, followed his ex-wife from south Grass Valley, at one point using the freeway, before reaching the 800 block of Sutton Way. Mijares also tried to ram a friend of his former spouse before officers stopped his car and arrested him on a felony count of assault with a deadly weapon, Sgt. Clint Bates said.

Arrested Sunday night, Mijares has since made his $10,000 bond, reports state.

The accusation against Mijares stems from road rage reports. Officers learned that the suspect, later identified as Mijares, rammed his ex-wife’s Chevrolet near Whiting and East Empire streets, Bates said.

“The victim’s ex-husband had rammed her vehicle at least one time and attempted to ram her vehicle an additional four to five to six times,” the sergeant said.

The ex-wife traveled between 5 mph to 50 mph on her route to the Glenbrook Basin, maneuvering in her attempts to avoid another impact, Bates said.

At some point the ex-wife called a friend, who arrived once she’d reached Sutton Way. The friend tried to intervene, and Mijares tried to ram that vehicle, Bates said.

Called to the scene, officers found Mijares trying to leave. Police stopped his Ram pickup and arrested him, the sergeant said.

“No one was injured,” he added. “There was minor damage to the victim’s car.”

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