Grass Valley man facing murder charge to appear in court (VIDEO) |

Grass Valley man facing murder charge to appear in court (VIDEO)

By Alan Riquelmy

Michael Francis Pocock, accused of murder in the shooting deaths of two people, was one of many who reported shots had been fired late Monday, police said.

Pocock, 35, told police he shot at people at his Glenwood Road home in Grass Valley. Officers charged him with two counts of murder, and he was booked early Tuesday into the Nevada County Jail. He has no bond, authorities said.

“He did admit that he had been in a shooting and had shot at people,” Grass Valley Police Chief Alex Gammelgard said.

Nevada City police logs state that a caller identifying himself as the shooter said he fired in self-defense.

Police don’t yet know the motive for the slayings, Gammelgard said. Autopsies are tentatively scheduled for this morning, sheriff’s Lt. Rob Bringolf said.

Assistant District Attorney Chris Walsh said he anticipates filing a formal accusation against Pocock today. He’ll likely appear in Nevada County Superior Court for the first time this afternoon.

Police said Pocock and the two victims — Rabecca Brieann Mershon, 25, of Grass Valley; and David Mark Dominguez, age 39, of Loomis — lived in different buildings on the same property, 523 and 525 Glenwood Road. Pocock around 10 p.m. Monday stood in the threshold of his own home when he shot Dominguez, who was nearby, with a 9 mm semi-automatic weapon. Mershon was outside, near the basement home she shared with Dominguez, when Pocock shot her.

Many people called authorities reporting the shots, including Pocock. Police arrived and found the victims with multiple gunshot wounds. Pocock spoke with officers after they arrived at the scene and was arrested, Gammelgard said.

Police recovered the weapon used in the shootings. Officers remained on the scene Tuesday morning collecting evidence, he added.
Tina Vernon, the county’s treasurer-tax collector, lives nearby Pocock’s Glenwood Road home.

“It was at least 10 shots,” Vernon said. “And probably a minute later, all the sirens.”

Vernon said she looked outside and saw around 10 to 15 patrol vehicles, along with an ambulance and fire engine.

“It’s a quiet neighborhood,” she said. “It’s normally quiet here.”


Kevin Fowler, who lives on Glenwood Road, filed two applications in 2017 for a restraining order against Pocock, Nevada County Superior Court records state.

The application alleges Pocock attacked Fowler and his dog, cursed at him and threatened to kill him.

The first application ended in dismissal when Fowler failed to appear in court. Fowler refiled the application days later, which ended in both men agreeing to have no contact with each other, avoid the other person’s home and work spaces and not slander each other, records state.

Contacted Tuesday, Fowler said the court order remains in effect. He declined comment.

According to court documents, Fowler claimed he ordered Pocock to leave his property. Fowler then turned to walk into his home and was struck from behind. Pocock shouted: “I’m going to kill you,” and he cursed.

“This man is not fit to live in the general population due to violent nature,” the restraining order application states.

Pocock in court documents disputes Fowler’s story. Pocock states he told Fowler, who was shouting at him, to stop yelling in his face. Fowler then grabbed his shoulder, and Pocock head-butted him.

“My actions may seem over the top, but having been attacked viciously a decade ago I have a slight form of PTSD from a felon attacking me and knocking out my front teeth,” Pocock states.

The stay-away order affecting both men expires in October 2020.

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