Grass Valley landlords should attend March 9 meeting |

Grass Valley landlords should attend March 9 meeting

I am amazed and affronted by Chauncey Poston’s declaration in Friday, Feb. 12’s front-page article. It would appear that he wants to push the city of Grass Valley’s responsibilities stemming from illegal acts done by tenants onto their landlords.

Any ordinance that wants landlords to be held responsible for their tenant and guests’ behavior is not only laughable; it is also most likely unconstitutional. Don’t we get equal protection? That is, as landlords under this ordinance, we’ll effectively be prevented from calling the police, as we’ll be punished for doing so (initially fined, but later subject to criminal charges).

Wouldn’t it be likely, Mr. Poston, for the criminal tenants to use this ordinance to harass landlords by repeated calls and causing landlords to be subject to fines and possibly jail time? Can you imagine how much a constitutional challenge will cost the city?

As a landlord, I am not even allowed to find out from the police department (due to privacy laws) if any prospective or current tenants have a local police record.

A better solution would be to change the eviction process, to make it easier to get bad tenants out, when their illegal acts make those folks undesirables.

I will see you at your March 9 meeting at 7 p.m., and I invite all the city’s landlords to attend and to protest this ludicrous idea. The city of Grass Valley should not try to push its money problems onto the city’s landlords.

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Kristy Bennett

Cedar Ridge

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