Grass Valley company helps businesses improve online presence |

Grass Valley company helps businesses improve online presence

Photo by Annita Kasparian. Online marketing consultant Coryon Redd sits in his office on Whispering Pines Lane in Grass Valley.

Now that websites have become essential to provide information about a business, fortifying an online presence is a priority that online marketing consultant Coryon Redd can help with.

“My main goal is to encourage people to look at Internet marketing, specifically rankings and Google, as a way to get reliable traffic that is working for them,” Redd said.

Redd has 13 years of online marketing experience, after graduating Summa Cum Laude from the University of Oregon and starting the company in 1999, which originally offered cell phone batteries and has since expanded into laptop batteries, iPhone and iPad accessories and camcorder and photo accessories.

The company moved to Grass Valley in 2004, and after two years, Redd started teaching and consulting. He launched about a year ago.

“What we’re talking about is for businesses to pick the best key words to see how people are searching for their business,” Redd said. “When you get No. 1 rankings for Google, you have the best return on investment. I’ve done this with other companies and found with Google that you don’t have to pay for traffic and make great sales.”

Redd is also the co-facilitator and speaking coordinator for Nevada County Online.

“We started a few years ago but really took off this year to about 250 members and bring in an Internet marketing speaker once a month for free,” Redd said. “What makes it special is that business people come together to collaborate.”

Redd said his main focus is to bring up the level of Internet-savvy skills for not just Google but online marketing in general.

“That’s why I teach classes and bring in other speakers,” Redd said. “It means so much to a small business to put in things they can do themselves to get better rankings, display and sponsor ads. That’s the biggest impact I’ve had, not only through by providing training and consulting services but also through having a hand in really building up this group.”

Crystal Groome met Redd at one of the classes he teaches and worked with him to improve the site for her European barge vacation rental business,

“I talked to him about needing some help and he sat down with us and put out a schedule of things we needed to do and timelines and we started implementing them and noticing results right away,” Groome said.

Groome’s business involves renting out fully crewed barges, riverboats and self-piloted vessels.

“You can rent a fully crewed barge like a luxury hotel on water, where all meals are made and there is an open bar and they show the villages of Europe with small groups of people, so it’s still intimate, or you can self-drive, and it’s more like a house boat, where no license is required and they have bedding and kitchen utensils and you go on an adventure of your own,” Groome said.

Redd helped improve the order in which Groome’s site would appear in a search engine.

“After working with him, we were on the second or third page as far as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) under key words and now we’re on the first page,” she said.

According to Redd, by focusing on improving search engine ranking and sales conversions, improves search engine rankings, which increases website traffic and improves sales performance and establishes ongoing marketing systems for link building, content creation and social media, the foundations for achieving high Google rankings.

“Once you build an optimized content-rich website, it’s a matter of winning a Google popularity contest, getting links to websites that count because they’re relevant, quality, natural, and if through social media you create content that people share that is interesting and compelling, more people will see it — and Google is listening,” he said. provides a free website analysis and consultation, and the site offers Internet marketing services including search engine optimization, keyword research, competitor research, link building, paid search, video marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, blogging and other services by request.

The site provides training videos, some of which are free, and documents to assist businesses in building their own SEO skills. Training is fee-based by class or subscription.

“We allow people to take advantage of making better websites and getting better rankings and a variety of other Internet marketing things like social marketing,” Redd said.

Such social marketing tools include website Linkedin, which not only acts as a business profile site but also allows users to find answers to business questions.

“I’m teaching a class on Linkedin and Facebook, and I’m all fired up,” Redd said. “I taught this class last week where on Linkedin, you ask a question that’s been blocking you in your business, and the class went to Linkedin answers and wrote all the questions, and everybody started getting answers.”

One woman in the class found ways to launch her pottery studio through Linkedin, Redd said.

“One woman went from frightened, almost falling asleep, to see people answering her question about how to start her pottery studio in her backyard,” Redd said. “You can follow up and get on the phone and get help or do business prospecting. Internet marketing starts with search marketing but can go so far beyond that.”

To contact Staff Writer Jennifer Terman, email or call (530) 477-4230.

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