Got democracy? |

Got democracy?

Memorable quotes from current leadership:

*”I wake up in the morning with war on my mind.”

*”You don’t unveil a new product (pre-emptive war!) in August.”

1,000 dead in Iraq = “relatively small number.”

Undeniable histories:

*Generations of Bush family war-profiteering.


*Non-cooperation and secrecy regarding 9/11 investigations (hiding what?)

Where there’s Bush, there’s war, profiteering, missing documents and controversial cover-ups: Prescott and nazis; GHWB and IranContra, Panama; Jeb and election fraud; Neal and Silverado; Marvin and WTO “security.”

With Bible in hand, GWB caters to the wealthy while “compassionately” bombing the bejeezus out of impoverished people, literally and legislatively, at home and abroad. His shameless, one track message, “all war, all the time,” requires a blindfold of stars’n’ stripes and the constantly braying megadittos of religious/economic bigotry. Got war?

As I recall history, crass intolerance of dissent and lack of civil discourse are un-American. As I remember the Bible, Jesus, Radical Dissenter for the Ages, ministered to the poor and downtrodden. Got Jesus?

True, radical democracy demands an inquisitive, engaged and active citizenry, not fearful or boastful, unquestioning loyalists of an un-mournful “war president.” Got democracy?

Nory Fussell

Nevada City

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