Gold Run rest areas reopened following waste system repairs |

Gold Run rest areas reopened following waste system repairs

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Caltrans has reopened the eastbound and westbound Gold Run State Roadside Rest Areas after public misuse necessitated repairs to the waste water treatment system, according to a press release from Caltrans.

The rest area’s were closed Jan. 29 after the system’s grinder pumps failed due to foreign objects being flushed down the toilets, the release states.

Upon evaluation of the wastewater pump systems by the contractor, electrical pump upgrades were deemed necessary to improve pump efficiencies to help mitigate potential clogging issues of the waste water treatment system, the release states.

The rest area pumps were upgraded from single to three phase power to provide increased grinding capacity to the wastewater pumps, according to the release.

“Caltrans would like to remind the public that waste water treatment systems are designed for normal human waste,” the release states. “Objects such as diapers, food, syringes or feminine products should always be disposed of in the trash receptacles provided at rest areas.”

Source: California Department of Transportation

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