Funding for education impacts all |

Funding for education impacts all

We all need Measure K to pass Nov. 6, as it looks as if the Governor’s proposed Proposition 30 will fall.

As of today, the polling numbers are below the needed 50 percent plus one vote. If Measure K and Prop. 30 both fail, so might our schools and local economy.

As a Pleasant Ridge School Board member who is currently up for re-election, I would like to stress to you how important Measure K is for the community, students, teachers and senior citizens in light of what looks like Prop. 30’s failure.

I would like to speak to convey a message as a parent, a school board member, a Realtor and as a taxpayer.

I feel that I have a responsibility for all of the children in my community.

Many people have said to me, “They are your kids, so you should pay for them.”

My parents paid their taxes, as I do and sent me and my brothers to public school, which had electives, including music, art, gifted-and-talented programs and sports.

My parents were not required to pay additional money for those offerings.

Were yours?

Prop. 30 is a state proposal, which is controlled by Sacramento bureaucrats.

Measure K is a local property tax of $92 per year for five years controlled by people who volunteer their time and do not get paid.

I am one of those people. Why do I do it? I like to help our community, and I feel that times are tough right now and many believe that I am the right person to represent them.

As a board member, I have agreed to fight for the children and the Pleasant Ridge Union School District. Measure K is a large part of my battle right now. Sacramento has withheld $5.9 million dollars of school funding over a four-year period, which has created a huge financial impact for our district.

I am a fiscal conservative who would not propose a tax unless I did not see another way to fund education.

As a local Realtor, I know our schools bring many high quality families to our neighborhoods, which keeps our property values up. If those very same people were to move away, seeking schools that offer these programs, our local economy may not be able to operate without them.

Families spend more money per person than seniors, which drives our local economy. In southern Nevada County, our largest employer is the education industry. This is important to all of us!

As a taxpayer who owns multiple properties within the district, I have only one child who will benefit from Measure K. My tax bill will be $184 ($92 times two) per year for five years, and my child will be leaving the district within three.

The programs, which my son uses, would cost me far less if I were to pay for those separately.

However, I feel that I have a responsibility for all of the children in my community.

In conclusion, if Measure K and Prop. 30 fail, then the Pleasant Ridge School District may be required to cut 15 percent of its budget, which will impact all of us.

I would like to ask for your vote as your continuing school board member, as well as for Measure K Nov. 6.

Scott Hopper lives in Grass Valley.

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