From Tonka Trucks to innovative solutions |

From Tonka Trucks to innovative solutions

Mike Seghezzi started playing with Tonka trucks when he was three and hasn’t quit yet. “The highlight of my summers was the fresh load of sand my father bought me for the sand box.” After high school he completed a degree in soil management and viticulture, graduating from Chico State; then took a year off to work construction (and drive tractors). He loved it so much he showed up early every day.

Seventeen years ago Mike bought a couple of used tractors and started his own business. When he wasn’t fixing them, he bid on construction sites. Every year he added better equipment as he was able. Today he has eight employees and 12 toys, uhh, err, pieces of equipment. His company, Seghezzi Enterprises, specializes in site preparation, tree removal, septic systems and underground utilities. “One of the most important details an owner/builder must take into consideration is the location of the building on their site”, Seghezzi stated. “Things like set backs from property lines and how the building sits in relation to the sunlight make a huge difference in the aesthetic appeal of the home.” The county has gotten real tough and Seghezzi recommends that builders/owners double check they have proper permits before they begin taking out trees and moving dirt. (He doesn’t replant trees if plans change.)

Currently, Seghezzi Enterprises is working with the Twin Cities Church to build their new 45,000 square foot facility. It’s located on a twenty-two acre piece of land on Rough and Ready Highway near Ridge Road. Seghezzi began all the underground piping , grading, and tree removal last spring. Mike himself seeded the beautiful wildflowers along the highway. He chose a variety of flowers that extended the bloom from early March until June. Mike looks forward to the artistic aspect of developing the landscaping for the church later this fall or next spring. He’s also beginning work on a new subdivision at Greenhorn Road and Bennett Street as well as one in Meadow Vista.

Mike feels he has an artistic eye for what will fit in with the environment and look good. “It makes a difference that I just don’t do this for money. I do it because I love it and I hope that that shows.”

Recently Seghezzi Enterprises became a three generation company. His son, Amos, 15, began working this summer along with his grandfather, Amos. Mike especially enjoys having his own dad working for him”reversing the roles and giving pop a little advice now and then. His wife, Tina, and daughter, Alex, aren’t”as yet”in love with dirt moving.

As for the degree in viticulture, Mike hopes that the vineyard he envisions will be moving from the dream file to the planning stages in the next few years. His grandfather immigrated from Italy in 1917 on a work permit. He worked for a family that owned sixty acres on Jones Bar Road. His father worked there also, and in 1978 they bought the property where Seghezzi hopes to plant his vineyard and build a house.

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