From restaurant to table: Delivery service DoorDash arrives in Nevada County |

From restaurant to table: Delivery service DoorDash arrives in Nevada County

Sam Corey
Staff Writer

If supply is concentrated in one area, move to where it’s scarce.

That’s what Esteban Teran, 18, and Erika Guzman, 19, did last week when they decided to become drivers with DoorDash, a technology company that connects customers with a food delivery item from a restaurant in their vicinity.

“We needed some extra cash,” said Teran, explaining why the Chico State University students became independent contractors with the app.

Instead of operating in Chico, however, where many DoorDash drivers operate and where Teran and Guzman live, the two have been driving around Nevada City and Grass Valley, picking up food and delivering it to customers in the area. Nevada County, they said, has much fewer drivers, which means more business for them.

“Here, there’s an abundance of orders and not a lot of drivers,” said Teran.

DoorDash operates in 4,000 cities and 50 states across the U.S. and Canada, according to a company spokesperson, and launched in Nevada County on July 17.

Locally, Grass Valley’s Big A Root Beer Drive-In is a popular destination for app users, said Guzman and Teran.

The two said they can make up to $100 every couple hours, and that they get at minimum $6 per delivery.

The duo also noted they receive 100% of their tips – which is a change to the company’s previous policy. Tips had been returned to the business rather than to delivery drivers, according to New York Times reporting. An outcry from the public caused DoorDash to reverse its initial decision as it decided to give tips to drivers last week.

Similar delivery applications have not extended much into the county. A limited selection of places can be delivered within Nevada County with Uber Eats. Grub Hub has yet to arrive.

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