Former opponents endorse Dahle for state Senate seat |

Former opponents endorse Dahle for state Senate seat

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Former opponents endorse Dahle

Assemblyman Brian Dahle (R-Bieber) announced he has received the endorsements of two former Republican primary opponents Rex Hime and Ted Dziuba, according to a release.

“After spending four months with all the candidates on the campaign trail, it is clear to me that Brian is the best choice to serve Senate District 1,” Rex Hime stated in the release. “Brian has a core set of conservative principles that guide his decision making, and his knowledge and experience in the private sector provide him perspective that allows him to connect with the day to day struggles of business owners, working families and taxpayers.”

With thousands of ballots still to be counted, Dahle finished first on election night and proceeds to the run-off election with fellow Republican Kevin Kiley. The general election is scheduled for June 4.

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