Forefathers can still lead the way for U.S. |

Forefathers can still lead the way for U.S.

What should an American stand for? Should we have definite beliefs that we are willing to fight for? Seeing that America has become a superpower thanks to our forefathers, I think that they would be excellent models to learn from.

It is easy to see what the Pilgrims stood for – God. The Pilgrims were so strongly convinced that they needed God, they were willing to cross an ocean and face a wild land, wild people, disease and starvation, just so they could worship their own way. Although many people think that anyone who believes in God is a wimp or a sissy, this shows how wrong they are. It took courage and strength to do what those Pilgrims did. I, for one, don’t think the Pilgrims could have done what they did without God.

George Washington, as we all know, was the general of the patriot armies and our first president. He was a highly respected man his entire life. Not only was Washington an intense follower of God, as were the Pilgrims, he also stood for and was willing to fight for freedom. He was willing to fight an army much larger than his own, simply because he fought for something he believed was right. George Washington is a man respected and famous around the world. Why? Because he stood up and fought for what he believed in.

Abraham Lincoln was the president during the Civil War, one of the most crucial times in American history. The Civil War was a vital part of U.S. history because it threatened to split us in half. Abraham Lincoln, a backwoods boy who taught himself, grew up to become one of the most famous men in our history. What did Lincoln stand for? Unity and equality for all mankind. If we had not had a man like Lincoln during the Civil War, would America be as great as it is today? Probably not. Lincoln knew that he had to fight for America. He was willing, because he knew it was right.

During World War II, America fought against tyranny. We knew that we could not have a world with men like Hitler in charge. Britain also recognized this in World War II. We also fought against a tyrant in the Gulf War. Unfortunately, we have to fight him again, because we didn’t get him out the first time.

So, judging from our forefathers, we need to stand for God, freedom, unity and equality, and we need to fight against tyrants. If we saw more people who stood for these things in today’s society, I think that we would be much better off.

Elisha Soch, 12, is home-schooled and lives near Scotts Flat Lake. Write her in care of Youth Page, The Union, 464 Sutton Way, Grass Valley, 95945, or at

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