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Flamenco at Matteo’s Public

Special to The Union

On Sunday and Friday, Oct. 23 flamenco guitarist Gopal Slavonic and flamenco and jazz singer “La Leta” will liven up the patio of Matteo’s Public.

Enjoy tapas, great wine, and food while enjoying quality guitar music accompanying the sweet and charismatic voice of “La Leta.” Gopal and Leta have been performing locally together for many years, inspiring each other to play and sing all the beautiful songs you will hear at Matteo’s.

Gopal Slavonic has studied and played flamenco for 15 years and studied Flamenco guitar in Sevilla, Spain, at La Fundacion Christina Heeren. He studied at the Foundation for two years where he received the opportunity to study with many great guitarists. Gopal has returned to Spain to study many times over the last decade. Gopal has worked with California Flamenco artists Mark Taylor, Cerro Negro, La Fibi, La Carola, Roberto Zamora, Pilar Moreno and recently released his second CD, “Dos Orillas.”

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