Five must-dos before meeting with your kitchen designer |

Five must-dos before meeting with your kitchen designer

1. Select photos from books and magazines. “Pull out what ever appeals to you. Don’t attempt to analyze them, just flag them and group them together.

Patterns will begin to emerge, although you may need the designer to help you figure them out,” says Sharon Armstrong, CKD and NKBA member. Such pictures can also ease communication.

“My clients may not know to ask for a specific style of cabinet door or molding, but they can show it to me,” says Steiner-Houck.

2. Figure out what you need and want. You can order a free planning book from the National Kitchen and Bath’s Web site (

Checklists and wish lists also help you analyze your lifestyle and preferences. “I find it very helpful to know my clients’ dislikes as much as their likes,” Steiner-Houck says.

3. Step into a kitchen. “A two-dimensional picture isn’t as helpful as walking into a space and really feeling it,” says Armstrong.

Home centers, friends’ homes, and house tours are good places to shop for ideas.

4. Be flexible with your budget. Giving a price range to your designer is important because it is impossible to hit a number exactly.

A realistic price range also gives you greater leeway in product selection. You might forgo an expensive countertop for a professional-style range.

5. Shop for appliances in advance. Visit a large appliance retailer to learn about the variety and features of products on the market.

Appliances are a major part of a kitchen -both in function and aesthetics. The more you know, the further along you are in the design process.

-By Allison Murray Morris (reprinted by

permission from Woman’s Day Special Kitchen and Bath Magazine)

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