First-place winner: Dr. Sarah Woerner, Sierra Care Physicians |

First-place winner: Dr. Sarah Woerner, Sierra Care Physicians

Often times in Nevada County, extraordinary women are overlooked, forgotten and never fully appreciated. Despite this disappointing truth, the fact of the matter is that these impressive women are the backbone of our society. Whether they are lawyers, teachers, helpers, doctors, or simply mothers, they are all deserving of recognition and praise.

One woman in particular, whom I have had the pleasure of working with, is especially deserving of recognition. Although she may be better known than most other professional women are, she is remarkable, as well as personable. Dr. Sarah Woerner, who most would call their pediatrician, to me, is a colleague and a friend.

Dr. Woerner is not simply a pediatrician; she is a mother, a humanist, and a hard worker. Her entire medical career has been spent helping those who are less fortunate than others. She is an active supporter and volunteer for bringing much-needed care to Mexican towns, and she always strives to help and educate the needy of Nevada County.

My contact with Dr. Sarah, as she prefers her patients to call her, first started when I wanted to shadow her for my Senior Project. She immediately accepted my desire to help her, and I instantly saw how much she actually does for our town. I became involved in one of her many county outreach programs that deals with getting books to every child, whether English speaking or Spanish speaking. The so-called Read Me a Story Program provides books to children in clinics from Grass Valley to Downieville. Throughout the short time that I have worked with her, she has shown her love for helping others and her ability to begin every project she considers virtuous. She always has a smile on her face, and she is always ready to provide any needed guidance, in spite of her overflowing schedule. I quickly felt at ease with her, and I have since looked up to her as both my mentor and my hero.

At one of our first meetings, I helped her inventory and deliver books to several of the clinics in the Nevada County area. After knowing each other for only a month, we ventured on a three-hour journey that was not at all uncomfortable. Dr. Woerner’s personable character made me open up while we discussed her life, education and career. She made me feel like an equal, which is not something every adult can easily do. After that day, my worries concerning our working relationship were eliminated, and I no longer felt like an annoying high school student wasting Dr. Woerner’s obviously precious time, but rather, I felt like a friend who was both appreciated and liked.

Dr. Sarah Woerner is not only the pediatrician most of the public sees, but is also a devoted wife and mother. She manages to fit both her personal life and her career into her long days and still has time to achieve success in all of her endeavors.

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