First legal cannabis sales made in county |

First legal cannabis sales made in county

Harry Bennett, who leads Nevada City's "Floracy" cannabis extract manufacturing, is one of the first purchasers of legal, tested, medicinal cannabis products Wednesday afternoon at Elevation 2477' Nevada City's and Nevada County's first cannabis dispensary, set to hold its soft opening Thursday at noon.
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First legal cannabis sales made in Nevada County

A momentous occasion many decades in the making took place Wednesday afternoon — the first legal sales of cannabis in Nevada County.

Diana Gamzon of the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance was the first to walk through the door of Nevada City’s medicinal cannabis dispensary, Elevation 2477’, located at 569 Searls Avenue in Nevada City.

Longtime cannabis advocate Harry Bennett was the dispensary’s second customer.

“The amount of policy work (Diana and the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance) have put through, the amount of work that they put in for patients, is priceless,” Elevation 2477’ co-founder Daniel Batchelor said. “Harry Bennett has been a pioneer in Nevada County for a long time. If it wasn’t for them, this industry would not be where it’s at for the county or the city.”

The dispensary is slated to hold their soft opening to the public today at noon.

“Our menu will be growing over the next two weeks,” Batchelor said. “We’ll have a full menu with all different types of products at the end of the month.”

The dispensary already carries edibles, tinctures, salves, pre-rolls, 10 different types of cannabis flower and several different types of vaporizer cartridges.

Though the dispensary has yet to open their doors to patients, workers there have already been getting requests to carry certain products, which they say will try to accommodate as much as possible.

“People are calling with very specific needs about what kind of product they’re looking for. The mission was always to provide access where there was none,” spokeswoman Maria Herrera said Wednesday. “We’re very happy to see patients generally learning about what kind of classes we’ll have and what kind of products we’ll have. We didn’t even expect this kind of response before we opened our doors.”

“It was an incredible day to see that first purchase happen,” Batchelor said.

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