Fire Safe Council of Nevada County moves office |

Fire Safe Council of Nevada County moves office

Parking had grown difficult for visitors of the Fire Safe Council of Nevada County.

Then there were the stairs leading up to the second-floor offices of the council on East Main Street.

“The stairwell was their biggest obstacle in getting to us,” said Billy Spearing, the council’s grant accountant.

The stairs remain, and the Fire Safe Council still uses the space, but its offices have moved to 143B Springhill Drive, Suite 13, Grass Valley. It sits in a group of offices on a street off Idaho Maryland Road, about a mile away from its old downtown office.

The new office opened June 10, though some unpacking remains. Spearing said she’d like to have an informal open house, an opportunity for people to wander through the space. No date has been set.

“We just outgrew the space,” Spearing said of the old office. “That’s a good thing.”

The Fire Safe Council will continue to use the old space for its chipping program. However, it won’t be open to the public.

People who need to access the fire council can reach them on Springhill Drive.

The East Main Street office was narrow, providing enough space for only one volunteer. The new offices allow three or four volunteers to work, Spearing said.

“We are quicker to respond now,” she added.

Many people contacting the Fire Safe Council want to sign up for its chipping program and ask about the wait time. Spearing asks people to complete a form to access the chipping program. They can get the form at its website — — or by visiting the new office. It also can mail forms to people. The Fire Safe Council is at 530-272-1122.

Wait times for chipping can climb over a month because of the high demand this time of year. That demand shows many people are clearing their land of fire fuels, Spearing said.

“We did this to try and make ourselves more available to the public,” she said of the move.

To contact Staff Writer Alan Riquelmy, email or call 530-477-4239.

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