Finding the balance between East and West |

Finding the balance between East and West

Editor’s note: Dr. Angela Ingendaay is a physician who has blended her training in Western medicine with traditional Chinese medicine at her practice in downtown Grass Valley.

I am a holistic physician integrating Western medicine with classical, five-element Chinese medicine.

I strive to help patients lead physically thriving and emotionally fulfilling lives, primarily using five-element acupuncture to address all levels of health, the body, the mind and the spirit with depth and efficacy.

We carry the magic of our own healing within us; this inner intelligence can be activated by stimulating acupuncture points with very fine, disposable needles.

My practice also is well-founded in Western-style, allopathic medicine. I provide my patients with all the diagnostic testing and medications indicated for their condition, always striving for a comprehensive approach.

With the help of Chinese medicine, I am able to restore people to the state of health they know and take them beyond, allowing them a new influx of creative energy and deep joy in their lives.

Many of my patients describe a new sense of balance, of emerging from inner disarray to a wide opening of the heart and greater well-being.

I work with mood disorders, women’s health, chronic fatigue and pain syndromes, among other issues.

I am especially interested in treating people with mood imbalances without the use of medications, supporting patients with treatments and workshops to help them explore their healing journey in greater depth.


Many carriers.

I completed medical school in Germany and attained board certification in internal medicine in California in 1995.

I studied Chinese medicine at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and with one of the great masters of five-element classical acupuncture, Nicola Bilton, founder of Ongiara College of Acupuncture in Canada.

I developed the course, “The Art of the Heart,” for Ongiara College, exploring the spiritual foundation of this ancient form of medicine.

I have had an integrative practice, Helios for Wellness, for 12 years.

15 years.

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