Finally – the definition of ‘local filmmaker’ is revealed |

Finally – the definition of ‘local filmmaker’ is revealed

By now you’re well aware that the fourth annual Nevada County Film Festival is showing at Nevada City’s Magic Theatre this week. Naturally, you’re asking yourself relevant questions like, “What should I wear?” and “What should other people wear?”

The answers to these questions are, of course, “overalls” and “cowboy hats,” respectively. And as a well-rounded person, you’ll find yourself moving quickly past these superficial matters toward issues of greater importance, such as what it means to be a local filmmaker in our community.

Lucky for you, and indeed, all mankind, I’m qualified to tell you about the life of a locally-based filmmaker.

My qualifications are that I am based locally and that I made a film. If any more qualifications are required, then I’m in trouble, as those are the only qualifications I have handy.

It’s important to first understand the definition of the term “local filmmaker.” The word “local,” of course, is an abbreviated way of saying “low calorie.”

After that, it gets a bit trickier, as “filmmaker” is a compound word made up of two smaller words. These are, naturally, the words “filmma” and “ker.” Any linguist will tell you that “filmma” is a nonsense word that means nothing in particular. “Ker,” on the other hand, refers to “an individual who creates films.”

So, combining those two definitions, we learn that a “filmmaker” is an individual who creates films. See? Learning about words can be a great deal of fun.

At this point I’d like to take a moment to applaud all those who are still reading after that last paragraph. You are clearly masochists and that must be saluted. And since I’m responsible for writing the last paragraph, I’m obviously a sadist and it’s lovely that we’ve found each other. We’re like a complete set.

That said (and it needed to be said), many of the filmmakers featured in this year’s festival have proven themselves to be formidable talents in the last few years since the founding of the event.

Other contributors to this year’s lineup are exciting new talents, up-and-comers with fresh artistic vision and something to prove.

In a field of skilled filmmakers such as these, the individual artist is under incredible pressure to stand out and create something distinctive and different.

Taking this into consideration, I realized that most of the films I saw during past incarnations of the Nevada County Film Festival were coherent and in some way or another, relevant.

Many of them even demonstrated actual artistic skill possessed by the filmmaker. I knew that by running counter to these commonplace methods, I could create a unique and memorable work.

I also made the whole thing black and white so that my colorblind friends wouldn’t feel like they’re missing out on anything.

My cinematic individualism is matched only by my admirable sensitivity toward the plight of the colorblind.


The Nevada County Film Festival runs from July 21st through the 25th at the Magic Theatre in Nevada City and features 10 wonderful films, including the film by Adam.

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