Fiercer version of duck-billed dinosaur discovered |

Fiercer version of duck-billed dinosaur discovered

SALT LAKE CITY ” The duck-billed dinosaur was one of the world’s most imposing herbivores with as many as 800 teeth and a body that could help it knock down trees.

Utah scientists have discovered one near the Arizona border that’s even more threatening.

“It really is like the Arnold Schwarzenegger of dinosaurs ” it’s all pumped up,” said Scott Sampson, curator of the Utah Museum of Natural History.

At least 30 feet long and 10 feet tall with a robust jaw and thick bones, the 75-million-year old animal was like a duck-billed dinosaur on steroids, said paleontologist Terry Gates.

“It’s basically the Cretaceous version of a weed-whacker,” he said. “You have a very formidable herbivore.”

Although paleontologists said Wednesday that the dinosaur could eat just about any plant it wanted, scientists still aren’t sure what it dined on.

Southern Utah is a rocky desert with few trees today, but it was a much different place 75 million years ago.

At the time, North America was divided down the middle by an ocean and southern Utah looked similar to Louisiana, Gates said.

“It’s very humid and wet, with lots of ponds and lots of rivers and creeks flowing through it. It was very lush,” he said.

The area was a haven for dinosaurs. Gryposaurus monumentensis is one of several new species found in Grand Staircase in recent years.

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