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On “Nevada County supervisors delay decision on accessory dwelling units”:

Craig Silberman — Whenever the county supervisors have a chance to do something about the shortage of housing stock, an issue they talk about every election, they fail to act.

Sam Marisco — Waiting for the results of a study seems like a good reason to delay. I am confident that they will do the right thing. Hopefully they will be continually reminded about Placer waiving the mitigation fees, which — at least for me personally — would be a deal-breaker in deciding to build a second dwelling.

Deby Williams Snell — When business is held back, development must pay the bills. We can’t have it both ways. Sad.

Mike Russo — This shouldn’t be their call to make.

Pauli Halstead — How hard can this be? It’s been a year and the supervisors still can’t make a decision, even after they asked staff to come back with some suggestions earlier in the year.

On “Grass Valley hotel proposed for Glenbrook Basin makes comeback”:

Jezra Sinistra — Nothing says “vacant” like having “seven cabins and four single-family homes on the two parcels that currently house about 35 people.” That is some quality pro-developer, anti-community newspeak.

Vince Carrera — Yes it is needed. There are some crappy hotels in Nevada County!

Carol Little — People are displaced; way, way, way too much more traffic in a congested area! No. No. No.

Bodhi DuLac — I think there are not enough hotels in the area for travelers to choose from. One of the reasons tourism has gone down is because of lack of quality lodging options. People can complain about housing costs all day long but they just need to make more money to live here, plain and simple. Those cabins are a disgusting eye sore and should be torn down. I say put the hotel in and increase the money flow for tourists to come back to the area.

Monica Senter Laughter — Displace 35 people in a county with a housing crisis, not a tourism crisis. Wow.

Scott Donald Cameron — Seems to me as if adding a feature to “make (opponents) happy” is kind of how one goes about reaching a solution acceptable to everyone. That said, all aspects of the project need to receive appropriate levels of development effort. I’m curious about the projected benefits — job creation, increased tourism, etc. and how they measure up against projected demands on the infrastructure — roads, sewers, and such.

Laurie Conterno — Why not put it behind the Margarita restaurant area, huge lot back there. And would be less of a problem with traffic.

Diana DeMarco — Thank you, Laurie! I said something similar during my three minutes. If you’re in the area and want to know more how you can help, please let us know. Diana, member of the Glenbrook Neighborhood Association.

On “Live video coverage of the Grass Valley City Council candidates”:

Cindy Comerate Sassman — What about all the crimes and repeated offenders that go through jail like it’s a revolving door?

John Young — If you don’t have good roads, you don’t have a functioning city. Period.

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March 6, 2020

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