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On “Grass Valley mourns death of Foothill Flowers founder Marie Johnson”:

Kathy Lamson Liebenberg Greenwood — She was an important part of Grass Valley. Kind, generous, loving. She will long be remembered with love.

Judy Fitch Roth — My prayers go out to Mark and Todd. Marie was such a dear lady – sweet and kind, and always thinking of others! … A big piece of the heart of Downtown Grass Valley is now gone!

Diana LaChappell — Marie was a wonderful lady and a talented designer. My thoughts and prayers are with Todd and Mark..

Holley Wells — Condolences to Mark and Todd, who are wonderful men and also a testament to having been raised by such a lovely lady. Although, I didn’t see it mentioned, I once volunteered with “Thanks to Give” and delivered Thanksgiving meals to some home bound folks. Who do you think provided flower bouquets for those people? Yes – Marie Johnson. Our community will sorely miss her !

Judy East — Marie was an outstanding member of Soroptimist International of Grass Valley. She has done so much for this community and we will miss her. Condolences to the Johnson family.

On “Nevada County’s first medical cannabis dispensary set to open”:

Jezra Sinistra: “For now, he is having to purchase product from outside Nevada County.” Local retailer of an agricultural product can’t get the ag product from local farmers because prohibitionists on our BoS don’t want local farmers and our County to reap the benefits of a multi-billion dollar agricultural market.

Amy Conley — So why is it we finally get approved for a dispensary (one) and you have to have a script to purchase? This makes no sense, just means people are still going to get illegal substances somewhere else.

Donald Branson — What is the difference between a (medical cannabis businesses.) and a (reg cannabis businesses)? A $40 card from a doctor you buy easily to get into the medical cannabis businesses. That’s it. If you can afford weed then you can afford the card.

Nicholas Denty — Over-regulation and over-managed. Don’t see this for alcohol. Stupid cities and the county have lost out of sooo much money putting a delay on these dispensaries. I’m a medical user, but this sounds like Nevada County is stuck in the ’90s in terms of just being a doctor’s recommendation only facility.

Steven R Willer — “Nevada City voted to allow only medical cannabis businesses.” Hey Nevada City officials, tear down that “medical only” sales wall. What are you afraid of?

Govinda McComb Bryant — Cannabis is now legal for personal adult use all over California, but Prop 64 also gave local jurisdictions the ability to determine their own laws for commercial cannabis businesses. Nevada City voted to allow only medical cannabis businesses.

Ron Sampson — Yep, it’s a head shop the same as we ran in Portland in the ’70s. You can put lipstick on a pig but minus the Jimi Hendrix posters and black lights it’s all about selling pot. Nevada City politicians and staff got duped by these swindlers selling high priced THC. Oh well …

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