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On “Verizon drops plans for wireless array in downtown Nevada City”:

Aaron Hawkins — Great, first no fiber, and now no cell service.

Jezra Sinistra — Dear Verizon, There are plenty of places in Nevada County lacking phone coverage and internet access. Please consider building where it is needed the most.

Daryl Netz — Nevada City has spotty cell service at best.

Andy Burton — Another great example of how ‘Protesting Our Way to Prosperity’ just doesn’t work. A large company offering to invest significant dollars into our community for a service that EVERYONE uses … and we have chased them away. Not to mention the improvement it would have brought to vital communication links for Nevada County residents.

Teri Zawadski — So very sorry to hear this. I just bought a new house out off Lake Vera/Purdon and get one bar from Verizon. I cannot talk on my cell phone at my home. I now have an old copper line from the old days and must forward my cellphone to my home phone to get my calls.

Reinette Senum — Teri, these eight antennas on Friar Tuck’s would never have served you in the Lake Vera/Purdon area. It doesn’t work this way. As far as the damage this has done, Verizon was proposing eight massive power density array antennas of 15,500 watts and with the antennas at a 6-degree down tilt. … Both the large power density AND the severe degree down-tilt are unheard of. This would have landed the main power density beam 200 feet around the Friar Tuck’s building, pointed directly at the people walking on the ground. This type of massive power density should be reserved ONLY for mountain tops and NO WHERE near a populated area.

Michael McBride — Seeing as every other building in Nevada City is a bar and downtown smells of various (all kinds) of smoking products at night I’m not convinced health is anyone’s main concern in the area.

On “Brian Hamilton – Asked and answered, indeed”:

Charles Tim Gore — Mr. Hamilton: You may want to review this story at A quite different take than yours. I consider fake news is a one-sided view of the writers one-sided political preference and you are left of liberal as your comments prove without a doubt. Just more one-sided fake news from the local liberal press of a small time local pulp rag.

Drue Mathies — Why is it that when media quotes the president’s exact words, even replays the video, that his diehard minions insist on calling it fake news?

Sherry Balow — An example of fake, turns “unspecified matters” into “would be more flexible on missiles after the election”, as Obama dialogue with Medvedev. You too can fact check Mr. Gore.

Greg Zaller —At least one problem with this editorial is the self-flattering claim that it was Reagan that brought about the fall of the Berlin wall. The actual cause might well have been a series of events Reagan fortuitously staged himself into. In any case, I deplore making the fall of the wall a fairytale starring Reagan without at least looking at the big picture. It’s confusing enough to understand the news without the editor of The Union employing fairy tales to elucidate his point. Thank you, Brian, for at least standing up, more of that is needed here locally in our community.

Gerry Gates — One of the saddest displays by a U.S. president, ever.

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